In the Country of Mali

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City of Bamako. The streets of the town. Life of residents. Transport movement. Buildings: hotel, ministry, bank. Liberation Monument. Shopping arcade. Malians at the stalls. Craftsmen work on the street in the handicraft part of the city. Ivory, mahogany, ebony products. Villas in the city center. Clay buildings on the outskirts. Opening of the Malian Youth Week at the stadium. President Mobido Keita speaking. Parade. Dust storm in the city. The village of the Bambara people. Life of residents. Wedding. Village mosque. The villagers cultivate the land. Fishermen on the Niger River. Fishing. City of Mopti. Market on the banks of the Niger River. Chefs in the market. The streets of the town. The building of the mosque. Dam on the Niger River. Irrigation channel. Segu city. Villas in the city. Plantations of lemons, pineapples, mangoes, bananas. Malits takes care of the trees. Collecting oranges. Construction of a machine repair station, power plant. Life of the villagers in the desert. Gao city. Streets. Hospital: a doctor examines patients. Timbuktu city. Streets. Mosque. The teacher is teaching on the street. Independence Monument. Life of residents. Dogon village. Dogons work the land, dance. Oil rig in the desert. Soviet geologists are working. Obelisk of the Greenwich meridian. Tomb of Mohamed the Great. Landscapes of savannah, desert, sakeli, Niger river. Savannah animals and plants. Operator B. Dementyev, B. Genninge with a movie camera.
B. Dementyev, B. Hennings
Film ID
social and political movement
, small
, urban transport
, economic communications
, fishing
, plant growing
, energy
, nature
, cinematography
, everyday life
, health care
, water industry
, islam
, handicraft industry
, cities
, education
, trade
, utilities
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B. Dementyev, B. Hennings
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