In the Face of the Court

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People's Judge N. P. Kotov rides in a car along one of the streets of Moscow. The head of the Pentecostal sect of the Moscow region I.P. Fedotov, preacher V.V. Ryakhovsky, sectarian Smirnova at a meeting of the sect. Sectarians at a sect meeting in the forest. Club of the textile factory in Drezna, Moscow region: there is a trial of sectarians. General view of the hall. The accused. Onstage at the table are the State Prosecutor and members of the public. The public prosecutor is speaking (synchronously). Witnesses and the accused are speaking. Says witness Smirnova (synchronously). Says the accused V. V. Ryakhovsky (synchronously). Children in the apartment of the sectarians are on their knees, praying. Photo of Smirnova and her grandson killed by her. The daughter of the sectarian Kapustina is Olya, whose life was attempted by her mother. Photo of Nina Nikolaeva, who committed suicide. Girls sing at a sect meeting. Speaker at the trial judge N. P. Kotov (synchronously). The witness is speaking (synchronously) - the husband of the sectarian Kapustina, who committed suicide. Kapustina's daughter runs across the field, looks at her reflection in the river. The head of the sect, IP Fedotov, is speaking at the trial. The witness Krasin is speaking (synchronously). Tanya Krasina in a pioneer tie is dancing in front of the guys. View of one of the shops of the car plant: workers collect cars. Judge N. P. Kotov read out the verdict (synchronously).
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atheistic propaganda
, atheism
, other faiths
, offenses and crimes
, automotive industry
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