In Ulkan

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The film tells about the construction of Ulkan station on the Western section of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Irkutsk region. River port. Vessels at the berths: "Titov", "Treskov" n / a Listvyanka, dinghy. The port boat departs from the pier. Lake Baikal landscape. Mountain landscape. A man in the laboratory looks through the frames of the film, develops photographs. Finished photographs. NDP On Ulkan. Ulkan village (Yukhta village). Winter landscape. A man with a camera walks through the snowdrifts, takes pictures of the surroundings of Yukhta. Snow-covered wooden houses and buildings. An elderly woman carries buckets, collects water from a well. Cows are standing. Horse carts loaded with firewood are moving along the village road. A villager harnesses a horse. There are drag carts. A tractor with a trailer is carrying logs. A MI-6 helicopter is landing. Builders are loading boards and slate. Ulkan village in the evening. Snow-covered wooden houses, smoke coming from the chimneys. The builders of the BAM stand by the fire, prick logs with axes, peel the bark. Trucks in the woods. BAM builders at work. The crane lifts the load. Builders are cutting logs. Interior view of a construction hangar. Horse carriage with mail. Residents of the village receive parcels, letters and newspapers. Men play ice hockey on the rink. Dormitory for builders. One of the builders is cutting another's hair. Wooden building of the village bath. Two naked men with brooms in their hands throw snow, fall into it. The slogan on one of the buildings: "Decisions of the XXIV Congress of the CPSU in life!" A man with a child examines photographs at the editing table.
A. Korzun, M. Hardin
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railroad transport
, bytsel population
, livestock
, sea transport
, timber industry
, settlements
, rest of the population
, forestry
, postal communication
, photo amateurism
, landscapes
, cartage
, agriculture
, air transport
, consumer services
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