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The film tells about the next meeting of activists of foreign societies of friendship with the Soviet Union, who arrived in the USSR to continue their studies in Russian at the invitation of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations in Moscow. The film includes shooting: India. Russian lesson in one of the schools. Russia, Moscow. Meeting at the Sheremetyevo-2 airport of foreign guests. Activists of foreign societies of Friendship with the Soviet Union at a meeting in the building of the House of Friendship with the peoples of foreign countries drinking tea at the table. Among those present are representatives from France, Brazil, India and other countries. Region of the South-West of Moscow. Foreign students study Russian at the Pushkin Russian Language Institute (International Center for the Study of the Russian Language), Suzdal. Foreign guests ride in a sleigh during a city tour. Types of churches. Moscow Students from foreign countries lay flowers at the monument to Pushkin, communicate in Russian with residents of the city, with workers at a construction site, with deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, with cosmonauts at an exhibition dedicated to space exploration. Fragment of the feature film "Alexander Nevsky S. Eisenstein; in the role of A. Nevsky - actor N. Cherkasov (sinhr.). A student from Jordan talks (sinhr.) With the editor of the Zh-la" Russian language ". Director Zh-la V.G .Kostomarov gives interviews (sinhr.).
N. Gulchuk
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cultural connections
, international connections
, higher education
, christianity
, publishing
, cities
, air transport
, kinematorgaf
, fiction
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A. Dobrzhansky
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Sound engineer R. Krasilnikov
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