Italian Delegation to the USSR

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Stay of a delegation of Italian scientists in the USSR. Meeting of the Italian delegation at the Vnukovo airfield in Moscow. Members of the delegation of Italian scientists visit the sights, architectural and historical monuments of Moscow, including: the Kremlin, the metro, the university building; talking with Muscovites on the streets. Italian scientists meet and talk with the rector of Moscow State University, academician I. G. Petrovsky, the author of the project for the new building of Moscow State University, architect L. V. Rudnev; visit the Institute of Genetics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, talk with TD Lysenko; visiting the botanical garden of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, talking with the director of the garden, academician NV Tsitsin; visit the choreographic school at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR, talk with students, with the teacher S. Messerer; present at the gala evening and banquet in the House of Cinema, talk with A. Dovzhenko, L. Orlova, listen to the speech of A. Roma. A delegation of Italian scientists inspects architectural, historical monuments, museums in Leningrad, including: the cruiser "Aurora", the Hermitage, the zoological museum; visit the Institute of Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR named after I.P. Pavlov in Koltushi (Leningrad Region). Italian scientists in the city of Yerevan (Armenia), inspecting the theater, city streets; visit the ancient architectural monuments of Armenia: the city of Echmiadzin - the residence of the Catholicos; ruins of the Zvartnots palace, talking with Archbishop B. Kastanyan. Farewell banquet in honor of the delegation to the USSR Academy of Sciences, in Moscow. Speakers: A. I. Oparin, A. Pirovano (partially sync.). Seeing off the delegation at the Vnukovo airport. Among the delegation: Professor Carlo Yucci (Institute of Genetics, Pavna), Professor of the University of O. Rottini (Pisa), Director of the Institute of Fruit Growing A. Pirovano (head of the delegation, Rome), J. Sampietro and others.
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, scientific connections
, anthropology
, cultural connections
, architecture
, botany
, christianity
, genetics
, museums
, theatre
, academy of sciences of the ussr and other states
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V. Shtatland, G. Epifanov, Efimov, Nebylitsky, Sokolnikov
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