Keys of Fate

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The film provides a scientific interpretation of modern discoveries, the nature of cosmic and planetary radiation, their impact on human consciousness and life. Part 1 Paintings depicting the Magi in the house of Joseph and Mary. Images of Jesus Christ, gospel stories in paintings and icons. Traffic on the streets of the night city, tunnels and stations in the subway, passengers in the subway train carriage (shooting with the effect of accelerated movement). View of the Mayan solar calendar. Engravings, paintings with images of the ancient Greek gods Apollo, Venus, Marx, Hermes, Mercury. Sculpture of the god Chronos on the tombstone. Clouds in the sky. Dramatization: the Magi see the Star of Bethlehem; Mary with the baby near the house; the wise men bring gifts to the baby. A Mayan priestess performs a ritual dance against the backdrop of the rising sun. Newsreel footage: giant geoglyphs of a spider, tree, bird on the Nazca plateau in Peru. Part 2 Sun glare on the water. Eruption. Buddhist monks perform religious rituals, play musical instruments in the temple. People in the temple. Interior decoration of a Buddhist temple; sculpture of Buddha. Buryatia (near Ulan-Ude). View of a Buddhist temple on the territory of the Ivolginsky Datsan. A crowd of people in front of the temple. Monks in yellow hats are standing near the sacred attributes of Buddhists, placing a sculpture of Buddha under a canopy. A dummy horse decorated with ribbons. Elderly women spin the sacred drums. Procession of the participants of the holiday. View of the Temple of the Ivolginsky Datsan in the evening. The peasants are manually sowing the field. Young shoots appear and grow from the ground (zeutrfernaya k / s). Blooming jasmine branches sway in the wind. Pond. Apples on the branches of the apple tree. Blooming sunflowers field. Haystack on the field. Autumn trees. Church, bell tower, plowed field. Snow-covered village houses. Snow-covered spruces, pines, a stream. Ice drift on the river. Luminous signs of the constellations of the zodiac. The painting depicting Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles ("The Last Supper"). Part 3 Church and bell tower on the high bank of the river. Crosses on graves. View of a cemetery overgrown with grass. Rallies in support of Boris Yeltsin (1988-1989). A crowd of people with banners in the square. B.N. Yeltsin passes through the crowd, greets the protesters, speaks at the microphone. Electric train travel in the tunnel and at metro stations (filming with the effect of accelerated movement). Clouds. The painting depicting the crucified Jesus Christ. Mayan solar calendar. Films, photographs of "flying saucers", aliens. Symphony Orchestra. Newsreel footage of 1917: a column of demonstrators is walking down the street; demonstrators carry a banner with the inscription: "Long live the Social Democratic Republic!"; rallies; a banner with the inscription: "Long live socialism ..." Newsreel footage 1986, USA: the start and explosion of the Challenger shuttle. Newsreels 1986, Ukraine: a helicopter flies over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant; destroyed nuclear power plant. Newsreels 1989, Germany: the destruction of the Berlin Wall.
K. Dalanyan
Film ID
urban transport
, catastrophes
, botany
, christianity
, geography
, landscapes
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, buddhism
, rallies
, plant growing
, revolutionary and socio-political movement before the february revolution
, abnormal occurrences
, music
Number of Parts
V. Kipin
Other Creators
consultant A.V. Zaraev, sound technicians N. Roginskaya. A. Shamagin, musical arrangement S. Vasilenko, V. Melnikov, editor L. Levina, director of the picture Y. Rozhkovskaya
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