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G. Syktyvkar; the building of the Government House, a cinema, a school, a pedagogical institute, a pier, a park named after S. M. Kirov. Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Komi; the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Z. V. Panov is present. Students of the Pedagogical Institute at lectures, in laboratories. Artist V. V. Polyakov conducts classes at the Palace of Pioneers. The chairmen of the collective farms of the Komi Republic visiting the greenhouses and greenhouses of the scientific and experimental point of the branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; harvesting greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes. Scene from the play "Tundra Lights" staged by the Komi ASSR Drama Theater; performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Komi ASSR. Barges built at the Syktyvkar shipyard. Loading the aircraft at the airport; plane in the air. Oil rigs near the city of Ukhta. Logging, loading it onto railway platforms. Hunters hand over furs at a fur base. Verkhne-Vymskaya fur farm; care for black and brown foxes. Carbon black plant in Izhma; transportation of finished soot. G. Vorkuta; city views; sale of tomatoes and cucumbers from trays on the street. Reindeer Herders' Festival; reindeer sledding race on the ice of the Izhma River. Pechora-Ilych State Reserve of the Komi ASSR; veterinary examination and feeding of young moose. Production of suede at one of the tanneries of the Komi ASSR; packaging of finished suede for shipment to Moscow.
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extractive industry
, animal husbandry
, trade
, higher education
, agricultural sciences
, timber industry
, chemical industry
, childrens organizations
, artistic collectives
, shipbuilding industry
, leather industry
, cities
, air transport
, national sports
, peoples life
, higher state authorities
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S. Kiselev, V. Eshurin, Soloviev, Kochetkov
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