L N Tolstoy to the 100th Anniversary of the Birth

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Film documents about L. N. Tolstoy 1909-1910 : L. N. Tolstoy for a walk in the park of the Yasnaya Polyana estate; cuts a felled tree; sits on the porch with children and grandchildren; talking with V. G. Chertkov. L. N. Tolstoy and S. A. Tolstaya for a walk in the park; at the train station in Moscow. Leo Tolstoy with his family at his home in Khamovniki. Demonstration of Muscovites at the Kursk railway station on the occasion of the meeting of Leo Tolstoy. Leo Tolstoy for a walk in Yasnaya Polyana park in winter. House of I. I. Ozalin at the Astapovo station, where L. N. Tolstoy spent his last days. Sofya Andreevna and others go to Ozalin's house to visit the sick writer. Removal of the body of L. N. Tolstoy from the car at the station "Kozlova Zaseka" near Yasnaya Polyana, the police accompany the funeral procession. Funeral procession at the grave of the writer in Yasnaya Polyana. General view of the Leo Tolstoy Museum in Yasnaya Polyana; view of the bedroom and study. The building of the Leo Tolstoy Museum in Moscow.
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railroad transport
, funeral
, museums
, landscapes
, police
, fiction
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