Landing in Crimea

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Part 1 (operas A. Levitan, L. Kotlyarenko) From October 31 to December 11, 1943, the troops of the North Caucasian Front and the Black Sea Fleet carried out a military operation to liberate the Kerch Peninsula from the Nazis - the Kerch-Eltigen operation. Speech at a rally on October 31 (from the back of a truck) in front of the soldiers of the 1331st regiment of the 318th rifle division of the 18th army S.K. Timoshenko. Among those present [a member of the Armed Forces of the 18th Army, Major General Semyon Efimovich Kolonin]. The soldiers listen to the speech of S.K. Timoshenko, applaud. View of the coastal guns of the 59th Novorossiysk artillery regiment in the Taman region. Heavy guns strike the Crimean Peninsula, suppressing enemy firing points and covering the landing. View of the sea at sunset. Landing of troops on watercraft - boats, motorboats, boats in the Taman port and near Lake Solenoe. Watercraft with a landing force set off from the coast, go out to sea, sail in the direction of the Kerch Peninsula. One of the anti-aircraft gunners at the machine gun on the deck of the boat, monitors the situation in the air. One of the motorboats with paratroopers from the 1331th regiment of the 318th Novorossiysk rifle division approaches the shore, the paratroopers jump into the water with weapons, get out on the shore. One of the Marines carries a wounded commander on him, lays him down on the shore. The soldiers go to storm the heights where the enemy is settled. The soldiers at the light machine gun are firing, covering the paratroopers storming the heights. General plans for the assault on the Yeni-Kale fortress. A group of commanders is walking along the seashore, they stop. One of the commanders looks through binoculars at the Yeni-Kale fortress. Soldiers climb the steps to the fortress wall. The commanders from the fortress are watching the assault. The soldiers run along the rocky slope of the mountain. The submachine gunners take out the captured Nazis hiding in the shelter. November 3, 1943 Dangerous settlement in the vicinity of Kerch after the assault. General view of the destruction. Submachine gunners escorting a captured Nazi. Sappers with a mine detector are examining the territory of the fortress for mines. A detachment of machine gunners is passing at the bottom of the Yeni-Kale fortress A squadron of planes is flying in the sky. Panorama from the sea to the ruins of the fortress. Part 2. Destruction of buildings on the shore of the Kerch Strait, German trophies; providing medical assistance to Soviet soldiers; arrival of ships with reinforcements.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, settlements
, monuments of architecture
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A. Levitan, L. Kotlyarenko, S. Stoyanovskiy, (A.) Kaznacheev
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