Last Crossing

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A film about the last winter railway crossing on the ice of the Amur River, the so-called "Ledyanka" and the construction of a railway bridge across the Amur River. The city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Winter. A passenger car is moving along the road, people are walking. Trees in the snow. Icebreaker movement along the Amur river. River port. Ship repair. Icebreaker Fyodor Litke in the ice. The movement of the wheels of the train. NDP The last crossing is the construction of the bridge. Snow removal and construction equipment works. Part of the railroad bed. Workers are laying rails on one of the sections of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Railway bed. Workers sawing and splitting logs, inspecting railway tracks. Unfinished railway bridge. Builders and installers at work on the bridge. One of the structures of the railway bridge. Builders are laying railway tracks. Construction equipment is working. Start-up of a freight train on rails. A truck is moving along a snowy road. The face of the builder (close-up). The movement of a diesel locomotive with a freight train along one of the track sections. Builders are clearing the railroad tracks. Locomotive cabin, driver at work. Control panel in the locomotive cabin. Komsomolsk-on-Amur. River port. Fishermen catch fish. There are ships at the pier. The movement of rolling stock along the crossing. Workers repairing railway tracks. There is a train on the rails. Workers are clearing the railroad tracks. Train movement. A team of builders at work. A railroad employee inspects the railroad tracks. Freight train movement. The worker measures the width of the rail with special instruments. The movement of trains. Construction of a bridge over the Amur River. A team of builders is crossing the bridge. The movement of the train on the bridge.
A. Zalessky, V. Korobov, E. Egintsev
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railroad transport
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, river transport
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