Leningrad Newsreel Number 11

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The city of Leningrad. Places associated with the name of the playwright A. N. Ostrovsky. View of Ostrovsky Square, the Pushkin Theater, where Ostrovsky's plays are staged, the building of the public library, where the playwright's manuscripts are kept. The handwritten department of the library. View of the manuscript of the plays "Our people - we will be numbered", "A profitable place" and others. The building of the memorial museum of N. A. Nekrasov on Liteiny Prospect, which housed the editorial office of Sovremennik, the magazine where Ostrovsky's plays were published. View of Nekrasov's office, Sovremennik magazines. View of the exhibits of the exhibition, opened to the 125th anniversary of the birth of A. N. Ostrovsky: the poster "Thunderstorms", photographs of the artists of the Moscow Maly Theater, Leningrad theaters: Korchagina-Alexandrovskaya, Gorin-Goryainov, Yuryev. Participants of the solemn meeting of the public of Leningrad, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of A. N. Ostrovsky, listen to speeches. The village of Kohtla-Järve, Estonian SSR. View of the construction area of the gas shale plant. Gas ovens, thermal power plants, installation of a compressor room are under construction. The village of Kohtla-Järve, Estonian SSR. Extraction of shale at the Kava-dva mine using drilling and cutting machines. Delivery of mined oil shale to a conveyor, transportation of oil shale by steam locomotives. The city of Leningrad. St. Isaac's Square, city streets. Exterior and interior decoration of new types of buses manufactured at the Leningrad plant. Buses on the streets of the city. Passengers board the bus. The city of Murmansk. The fourteenth traditional holiday of the North in Murmansk. Participants of the holiday during cross-country skiing, downhill reindeer sledding. Spectators at the stadium are watching the competition. The absolute champion of the holiday, skier from Leningrad A. Butonov. Meeting skiers at the station in Leningrad. Skiers with prizes on the platform of the station during the meeting.
L. Kikaz
Film ID
, urban transport
, energy
, exhibitions
, national sports
, skiing
, museums
, theatre
, automotive industry
, libraries
, cities
, railway transport
, fiction
, peoples life
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S. Bartashevich, O. Ivanov, G. Simonov, S. Maslennikov
Other Creators
operator assistant V. Valdaitsev
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