Leningrad Newsreel Number 16

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The city of Leningrad. Places associated with the name of V.G.Belinsky. Nevsky Prospect. Institute of Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Visitors get acquainted with the exhibits of the exhibition opened at the institute in connection with the celebrated date - the 100th anniversary of the death of V.G.Belinsky. The staff of the institute are considering a new edition of the collected works, published in connection with the anniversary. A rally near the house where VG Belinsky lived in connection with the installation of a memorial plaque on the house with the inscription: "VG Belinsky lived in this house in 1842-1846." Zagursky speaking. A rally on the street near the Vasile-Ostrovsky Palace of Culture on the occasion of the laying of a monument to V.G.Belinsky. Galkin is speaking. The city of Leningrad. Moscow highway. Leningrad builders during the construction of residential buildings made of bricks and large blocks, behind the exterior wall decoration. View of multi-storey buildings built from large blocks. Stakhanovite of the Leningrad Kirov Machine-Building Metallurgical Plant E. Savich demonstrates his method of processing a part on a milling machine, which made it possible to significantly increase labor productivity compared to processing the same part on a planer. E. Savich also demonstrates a figured cutter, the use of which during milling increases labor productivity by 10-12 times. Moscow city. Competitions of athletes in 4 cities: Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Kharkov. Athletes running 100 meters hurdles, high jump with a pole, hammer throw. Muscovite N. Ozolin, Leningrader Shekhtel are among the participants.
M. Dobrova
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, building
, sports
, literature
, literary criticism
, invention
, mechanical engineering
, rationalization
, cities
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S. Bartashevich, J. Grinberg, O. Ivanov, G. Simonov, A. Pogorely, K. Stankevich
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