Leningrad Newsreel Number 7

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The city of Leningrad. Smolny. View of the presidium and hall during a meeting of the city party organization's activists dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party Manifesto. Stozhilov, secretary of the city party propaganda committee On the podium: Popov, Gusev. Exhibitions of editions of the Communist Party Manifestos in the Saltykov-Shchedrin Public Library and the Academy of Sciences library dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Manifesto. Visitors view the first London edition of the 1948 Manifesto in German and other editions in various languages. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, head of the laboratory of immunity of the All-Union Institute of Plant Protection TI Fedorova in the laboratory at the microscope. TI Fedorova discovered a method for selecting plants resistant to diseases using serum prepared from rabbit blood. Laboratory assistant in the laboratory with a guinea pig. Production processes at the Leningrad plant "Svetlana". Factory workers EA Loveiko, EP Naumova at work. Type of finished radio tubes. Student of the Leningrad Institute named after Lesgaft, champion of Leningrad in skiing V. Tsareva during training. Boys on the river. River view. Scenery. The village of Novo-Siverskaya, Gatchinsky District, Leningrad Region. Greenhouse foreman DS Mironov for inspection of greenhouses. Collective farmers during the manufacture of frames for greenhouses, straw mats to protect plants from the cold. Farmyard of the collective farm. Cows, calves, lambs at the farmyard. Meeting of Leningrad composers dedicated to the discussion of the Resolution of the Central Committee of the party on the opera "Great Friendship" by V. Muradeli. View of the presidium and hall during the meeting. Speakers: Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad Union of Composers MI Chulaki. Among those present are composers: Dzerzhinsky, V.P.Soloviev-Sedoy, director of the Leningrad Conservatory, professor pianist P. Serebryakov, guests from Estonia. View of the newspapers "Leningradskaya Pravda", "Moskovskaya Pravda", "Culture and Life" and articles about the opera by V. Muradeli. Rehearsal of the Vyborg House of Culture Symphony Orchestra under the direction of conductor A. Kogan. Associate Professor of the Leningrad Institute of Communications MA Autukhov during a rehearsal, during classes with students. Architect-artist, participant of the All-Union competition for projects for the construction of the Leningrad metro Yulia Isaakova during a rehearsal, while working in a design workshop. View of the Baltiyskaya metro station. Among the members of the orchestra are schoolgirl Lida Oreshnikova, engineer Terpugov.
M. Dobrova
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electric lamp industry
, science
, urban transport
, communist party
, exhibitions
, livestock
, higher education
, skiing
, printing
, club type institutions
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, libraries
, cities
, political literature
, plant growing
, music
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A. Bogorov, S. Bartashevich, V. Stradin, B. Sorokin
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