Liberation of the City of Klaipeda

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Cor. 1 1st Baltic Front, Lithuanian SSR, Klaipeda city, February, October 20-22, 1944. The battles for the liberation of the city. The pilots run to the planes. Departure of aircraft on a combat mission. Aircraft "IL-2" over the city. Soviet artillery of various calibers is firing. Massive mortar fire. The offensive of the tanks. The submachine gunners are running into battle. The sanitary instructor of the 48th separate assault engineer-sapper battalion, foreman of the medical service Evgenia Grigorievna Martzulevich assists the wounded soldier. Soldiers make their way to the waist in the water. Officer with binoculars at the observation post. An infantryman with a weapon lies in the shelter. A detachment of armed guerrillas is walking through a wheat field. Cor. 2 1st Baltic Front, Lithuanian SSR, Klaipeda city, February, October 20-22, 1944. The Military Council at the headquarters for the development of the operation under the leadership of the Commander of the 3rd Guards Mechanized Corps, Lieutenant General, Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Timofeevich Obukhov. Guards Major General of Tank Forces Simon Davidovich Kremer looks at the map. A meeting in a tank unit before the offensive. Lieutenant Colonel, [Hero of the Soviet Union] Kuznetsov makes a speech. Trucks, a column of motorized infantry are passing along the highway. A damaged German tank is on fire. The offensive of the tanks. Infantrymen and tankers on the outskirts of the city. Submachine gunners are running through the smoke screen. Machine gunners are firing; one of them is Private Alimkhan Burtayev. The foreman of the medical service, Evgenia G. Martzulevich, assists the wounded soldier, gives him a drink from a flask. Cor. 3 1st Baltic Front, Lithuanian SSR, Klaipeda city, February, October 20-22, 1944. Military Council of the 51st Army, which is attended by Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General, Commander of the 1st Baltic Front Yakov Grigorievich Kreizer. Commanders, including the Guard Captain [Kemin], receives a combat mission. Soldiers are observation balloon. Aerostat over the forest. Observation post, soldiers in the tree. Burning German plane. A wounded German pilot surrounded by Soviet soldiers. Captured Germans carry on a stretcher a wounded 17-year-old soldier of the Nazi army. Commander of the 43rd Army, Hero of the Soviet Union Afanasy Pavlantievich Beloborodov and commander of artillery of the 1st Baltic Front, Colonel General, Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Mikhailovich Khlebnikov at the observation post. Machine gunners in a combat position with weapons in the boat. The crossing of the fighters in rowboats across the river. The gunners are near the guns. The Heavy is fighting. Street fight. Tanks on the outskirts of Klaipeda. The partisans are leading the captured Germans. Local residents return to their homes, among them - Ermolai Lipatievich Zheltonosov. The corpses of German soldiers. Divine service in the church. The grave of the Lithuanian soldier Babayar Tolkiev. Cor. 4 1st Baltic Front, Lithuanian SSR, Klaipeda city, January - February, 1944-1945. Obstacles on the outskirts of the city. Long rows of barbed wire. Burning and destroyed buildings in the city. Soviet aviation over the city. Destroyed railway bridge. Empty city streets. A soldier with an anti-tank gun in a trench. Submachine gunners in camouflage gowns are walking along the city streets. Junior Sergeant Morozov and Private Kostin set the Red Flag on the ruins of a destroyed building. Soldiers of the 16th Lithuanian Klaipeda Red Banner Infantry Division, including Jonas Urmanas, [Remaaytes]. Head of the Political Directorate of the 1st Baltic Front, Major General Mikhail Fedorovich Drebednev, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party Antanas Juozovich Snechkus and commander of the 16th Lithuanian Klaipeda Red Banner Infantry Division, Major General Adolfas Ionovich Urbshas. Sappers are checking a section of the terrain. [Karl Dreater], Leipzig resident, arsonist who was caught in the act. Abandoned German ships in the seaport. German six-motor transport aircraft, which was prevented from taking off by Soviet artillery. Approx. : 1h. -neg. 135.9 m; 2h -neg. 192.2 m; 3h -neg. 217.7 m; 4h -225.7 m neg.
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the great patriotic war
, air troops
, combat in lithuania
, guerrilla movement
, medical service
, ground troops
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E.A. Alekseev, A.A. Alekseev, S.S. Shkolnikov, Z.L. Feldman, I.V. Gelein
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