Lovers Need Carnations

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Landscapes of Central Russia, Western Europe. Wheat fields. Cornflowers, chamomiles. Poppy field. Carnations. Children collect bouquets of flowers, fly a kite. Alpine meadows. Lake Geneva. Lovers, married couples on park benches, in alleys, on embankments, on the streets of cities in Russia, France, Austria, Italy. Western Europe. Young people dance modern dances, twist in one of the dance halls. Types of cities, settlements, highways. Yachts, fishing boats, boats in the sea, reservoirs. Funicular movement. Skiers are skiing from the mountains. Austria. Student holiday. The rite of the first communion. Smart children, parents are riding in horse-drawn carriages, enter the cathedral. Cathedral building, premises, stained-glass windows, fresco. France, city of Paris. Streets, buildings. Transport movement. Residents of the city, tourists on the streets, in cafes. Street cafes. Street trade. Street musicians with disabilities. Notre Dame Cathedral. Artists paint pictures from nature on the streets. Rain. Passers-by in the rain. Poor quarters of the city. City of Marseille. Mediterranean Sea. Boats in the bay. Street trade in fish, seafood, souvenirs. The artist on the embankment. Streets, buildings, passers-by. Principality of Monaco. City of Monte Carlo. Casino. Players for the game. Croupier. Italy. Capri island. Boats and yachts in the bay. Shops, street cafes. Tourists. Church. City of Venice. St. Mark's Cathedral. St. Mark's Square. Tourists. City of Rome. Saint Paul's Cathedral. Exhibition of modern weapons. Maria Poletaeva, the wife of a Soviet soldier-member of the Italian Resistance Movement Fyodor Poletaev, visits monuments, a memorial in the [Adriatinian] catacombs, accompanied by her husband's associates. Vatican. Guards at the gates of the Pope's residence. Priests, nuns. Types of cities in Volgograd, Moscow. Graduates in Red Square. Festival of students of Moscow University. World Youth Forum in Moscow. Volzhskaya hydroelectric power station. Monuments, memorials, mass graves, cemeteries of those killed in World War II on the territory of Russia, in the countries of Western Europe. Piskarevskoe cemetery in Leningrad. Pages from Tanya Savicheva's diary. Monuments, a memorial in Volgograd. Memorial Museum at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Chronicle footage. Military exercises of the Armed Forces of the United States, Western Europe. Nuclear explosion. The movement of the American nuclear submarine "Thresher", the crew of the boat. A newspaper report about the sinking of the Thresher submarine. The lowered flag at the White House in Washington (USA). Demonstration, rally of fighters for peace, in protest against the use of atomic weapons.
A. Nitochkin
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the second world war
, urban transport
, road transport
, standard of living
, nature
, architecture
, switzerland
, religion
, vegetable world
, borbazamir
, painting
, higher professional education
, energy
, leisure
, private trade
, demonstration of the protest
, museums
, tourism
, navy
, nuclear physics
, school education
, public leisure facilities
, sea transport
, higher state bodies
, air force
, christianity
, public catering
, situation of various populations
, entertainment
, sculpture
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A. Nitochkin
Other Creators
Music by E. Denisov
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