Luga City

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On February 12, 1944, the troops of the Leningrad Front took the city of Luga by storm. The 11th Volkhov Partisan Brigade under the command of N.A. Brednikov. German prisoners taken during the liberation of the city of Luga are under escort along the street. A rally and parade of troops on the occasion of the liberation of the city; on the podium, Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the 117th Rifle Corps, Major General Vasily Alekseevich Trubachev; parts of Major General V.A. Trubachev, partisans and the population of the city of Luga on the square. Red Army soldiers and partisans defending the city, greet each other, exchange handshakes during a meeting on Partizan Street Vladimir Viktorovich Patskevich, a former teacher in Luga, meets with his father Viktor Ivanovich Patskvich and his mother Nadezhda Karpovna Patskevich on a city street ... Views of the city of Luga from the bell tower. Destroyed and burning buildings. Soldiers are fighting near burning buildings at night. The partisans walk along the path at the edge of the forest and in the forest. The commander of the partisan brigade N.A. Brednikov, deputy chief of the operational group of partisans of the Leningrad region. Nikolai Ivanovich Afanasyev, commander of the Volabay partisan regiment, commander of the N regiment, Colonel Kozlov, near a dugout on the territory of a partisan camp. Commander of the 123rd Luga Infantry Division named after Lenin, Major General Aleksey Pavlovich Ivanov, Chief of Staff of the Division Colonel Kovalchuk and Commander of the Division's Artillery Colonel A.A. Rozanov at the operational map.
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the great patriotic war
, irregular troops
, destruction
, cities
, germany
, ground troops
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A.I. Pogorely, L.S. Izakson, B.M. Dementyev, K.B. Stankevich
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