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The film - a journey through Latvia introduces the history and culture of Latvians, with the nature of their picturesque land. The first part. The Baltic Sea, sunset, a pair of bay horses by the water, surf, stones on the shore. A woman in a national Latvian costume makes a belt from threads on the seashore, horses in the background. The shore of the Baltic Sea is a dry shrub, grass, a bird's nest in the bushes. Ethnographic open-air museum (Riga, on the shore of Lake Juglas), an elderly woman opens a wooden gate, a panorama of the estate, an old wooden house, women in national dresses are sitting on the porch, children are playing on the ground. A woman approaches a crane well, pours water into a bucket. NDP on the buildings of the museum. Views of the Daugava River. - horse muzzle. A girl in a Latvian dress sits at a wooden house. The record-breaking horse is carrying a cart with a load at the hippodrome. Riga automobile factory "RAF" (Jelgava), assembly shop, a foreman attaches the emblem "Latvija" to the hood of a minibus. Resuscitation vehicles based on RAF 2203 minibuses roll off the assembly line. A couple of horses are driving a column of minibuses along the Daugava embankment, passers-by are looking at them, a girl in national dress peeps out of the minibus window, a bottle of Riga balsam is in her hands. A panorama of bottles with Riga balsam on the table. Riga perfumery. The girl holds a VEF transistor in her hands. Poland on retro telephones (VEF). The girl holds an open box of chocolates in her hands. G. Riga, view of the Daugava embankment. A couple of horses are driving a camera cart along the embankment. A horse-drawn carriage rides across the bridge over the Daugava, cars are driving. Autumn, an elderly man is sawing a log in the courtyard of a house. - wooden house. The second part.PNR on wooden sculptures in a Catholic church. Craftsman Walter Hirtes from Mazsalaca is working on a wooden sculpture. V. Khirtes talks about his work in his workshop. NDP on sculptures depicting Latvian peasants, fairy-tale characters. Schoolchildren in the workshop are looking at sculptures, talking with the master. Wooden sculptures in the yard of the workshop. V.Hirtes shows a sculpture depicting his father - a chimney sweep. Horses are carrying a wagon along a rural road. Rocks along the banks of the river. NDP on trees in the autumn forest. Composer Uldis Stabulnieks rides in a cart, sings his song. The cart goes along the road, the NDP through the fields, over the hills. Harvesting potatoes in the field, with a lake in the background. Men plow the land with a plow. Children collect potatoes in buckets in the field. A horse with a cart stands by the field. An elderly woman talks about her children who left for the city. NDP at cottages in one of the villages. The family of the rural teacher is having lunch at the table in the kitchen. NDP on the structures of the elevator. A herd of breeding brown cows in the corral. A flock of sheep crosses a country road. Musicians with instruments are walking across the field. An elderly woman rides a bicycle on the road. Schoolchildren walk along the road. The musicians are riding in a cart, singing a Latvian song. The wedding cortege is driving along the road. Traditional obstacles on the way of the motorcade. The groom and the bride braid the ribbons into the horse's mane. G. Kuldiga, the bride and groom are photographed on the street. City streets, canals. Waterfall on the Venta river. An ancient bridge over the river. Ships docked in the Baltic Sea. - fish in the net. Fishermen take out a box of fish from the boat. - salmon caviar, salmon. The train travels by rail. A fashion model demonstrates a dress on the catwalk. Work in the shops of one of the weaving factories. Glass making at a glass factory. View of one of the hydroelectric power plants at sunset. Third part: Children sleep in a room in a kindergarten. View of the village from the window of the room. Work at the bakery. A math lesson in one of the village schools, horses are looking out the window. Sigulda, the cart is on the road, the sledges are in training. The first Latvian javelin throwing champion Inessa Jaunzeme during a training session on the road in Sigulda. I.Jaunzeme's daughter is a luge at a training session on the track in Sigulda. Competition in javelin throwing at the stadium in Ventspils, Olympic champion (1980, Moscow) Dainis Kula throws a javelin, D. Kula is on the podium. A potter makes a jug in his workshop. Gauja National Park, sculptor Indulis Rank is working on a stone sculpture. Installation of sculptures by I. Ranka in the park. Girls, youths in national clothes decorate sculptures with wreaths of oak leaves. Women sing in the dark, carry bowls with burning candles. Fair, which attracts craftsmen from all over Latvia - an elderly woman in a national costume sells knitwear. - ceramics, amber products, sweets. View of the fairground from a high point. A horse-drawn carriage arrives at the fair. A panorama of earthenware jugs on the table. Musicians perform at the fair. NDP on the faces of people at the fair. Wooden sculpture depicting a fairy-tale character in the forest. A woman with a jug stands at the well. Old tree under the snow. Winter, horse-drawn carriage rides across the bridge in Riga. Trams go along Valdemar Street, old buildings. Traffic on the street, horse-drawn carts among cars. Passers-by on the street in the city center. The cart goes along the street, in front there is a monument to V.I. Lenin. View of the cable-stayed bridge over the Daugava. New microdistricts of the city. The carriage travels through the narrow streets of the old city. View of one of the streets in the city center from a high point. A panorama of the city, snow on the roofs, a view of the Daugava. Freedom Monument. The Dome Cathedral. Monument to Latvian Riflemen. B / W newsreels: November 1956, the Olympic Games in Melbourne, I. Jaunzeme throws a javelin, a ceremonial welcome of an athlete at the railway station in Riga; Olympic champion javelin thrower (1968, Mexico City) Janis Lusis in a sombrero descends from the plane in Riga, a ceremonial welcome, J. Lusis at the Janis Day celebration. A woman in national dress puts a wreath of oak leaves on the athlete's head, young people jump over the fire.
E. Epners
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urban transport
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J. Podnieks
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Composer U. Stabulnieks
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