Man in the City

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The film tells about the problems. Associated with the processing of waste in large cities and the environmental situation in Moscow today. Morning Moscow. Sunrise. Garbage trucks are loading garbage. Wipers, cars sweeping the street. A sprinkler is driving along Tverskaya Street. The streets of the town. Transport. City dump. Cars dump garbage. Garbage compaction with tractors. A member of the Moscow government, AS Matrosov, talks about the problems associated with the processing and disposal of household and industrial waste (synchronously). Main Department for Housing "Ecotechprom". General Director of Ecotechprom V. V. Ivanov talks about the tasks of the association (synchronously). Moscow courtyard. Garbage container. Mechanical garbage collection. Broken bus stop. Garbage in the streets, along the road. France. Lyon city. Garbage collection, foliage collection machines. The car washes the street. Waste recycling plant in Gerlans. Says the technical advisor of the union of communes of the city of Lyon Henri Raven (synchronously in French). Workshop of the plant. Garbage trucks are approaching. The operator is at the device. Garbage loading. Removal of bulky waste. Street of Paris. Firm "KNIM". Employees of the company at work. Says the president of the firm V. Dmitriev (synchronously). Company brochures. Waste incineration plant. Conversation between representatives of the Moscow City Council and the French firm. Summer cafes. Streets of Paris. Garbage containers on the streets. Moscow. Cars on the streets of the city. Excavated sidewalk. Cisterns, trash cans.
V. Shorokhov
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environmental protection
, international connections
, utilities
, cities
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V. Frolenko
Other Creators
Script R. Bagiryan
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