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The base of the Elbrus expedition of the Institute of Applied Geophysics of the USSR Academy of Sciences near the city of Nalchik in the Caucasus. Launching an atmospheric probe. Meteorological site in the mountains. Ice base of the expedition on the slope of Elbrus. Meteorologists at the instruments. The head of the Elbrus expedition, Professor GK Sulakvelidze, with researchers studying the impact of meteorological rockets on clouds. Launching rockets. An airplane designed to study cloudiness in the air. Crew members in the cockpit. Scientists at the instruments in the aircraft cabin. Ballet soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater (Bolshoi Theater) MM Plisetskaya examines and reads letters received on the day she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR. The soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet R.S. Struchkova accepts congratulations from colleagues on the day of conferring the title of People's Artist of the USSR. Gala evening at Kiev University, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Honored Worker of Science of the Ukrainian SSR, Head of the Department of Geometry, Professor B. Ya. Bukreev; greetings from colleagues; B. Ya. Bukreev makes a speech; those present in the hall. Aircraft designer OK Antonov in his office in the design bureau talks with the leading designer of the AN-24 aircraft NA Pogorelov and the lead engineer for flight tests Yu. M. Kirzhner. Airplane drawing. Aircraft decoration artist E. N. Kolotilov shows the audience a model of the AN-24 aircraft. Aircraft "AN-14" and "AN-10" at the airport. OK Antonov and test pilot VA Kalinin are refining the flight route. The plane "AN-14" rises into the air. OK Antonov in the cockpit. The closure of the prison in Pinsk: Chairman of the Pinsk City Executive Committee N.G. Sotnikov and the former head of the prison, Major A. Yegorov, sign the act of transferring the prison to the disposal of the City Executive Committee; dismantling of the watchtower by former prisoners. Arrival in Yerevan of Armenian tourists from the USA. The plane lands at the airfield; meeting tourists with family and friends. Stay in Kiev, Minister of Housing of France Syudro: Chairman of the State Construction Committee of the Ukrainian SSR PF Bakum, head of the State Architectural Inspectorate, a member of the UN Housing Committee N. K. Ivanchenko meet Syudro at the airport; French guests visit the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR. Meeting of the Belarusian partisans at the collective farm "Partisan Territory", where the airfield and the headquarters of the Pinsk partisan formation were located during the Great Patriotic War. The former commander of a partisan formation, and now the chairman of the "Partizansky Krai" collective farm, V.Z.Korzh, introduces the former partisans to the collective farm. Monument to the partisans in the village of Hvorostovo. The oldest history teacher NP Sidorov is teaching a lesson in the class of a boarding school in the village of Uska Oroch, Khabarovsk Territory. NP Sidorov gives a lecture to the residents of the village of Dzhugzha on the banks of the river. Ritual dance of a shaman on the street of the village of Dzhugzha. Director of the Institute of Thoracic Surgery of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences SA Kolesnikov performing heart surgery. An electrocardiograph, a heart-lung machine and other devices are in operation. SA Kolesnikov with assistants (among them - MV Muravyov) at the bedside of children who have already undergone surgery. RL Carmen, director of the Central Documentary Film Studio, interviews writer KA Fedin (synchronously). KA Fedin at work. KA Fedin talks with the operator of the TSSDF V. Mikosha. People's Artist of the USSR E. G. Gilels performs a fragment from the Second Sonata by D. B. Kabalevsky (synchronously). Composer D.B. Kabalevsky gives interviews (synchronously). Working moment of filming the film "A Day of Our Life". V. Mikosha, R. Carmen, E. Gilels and D. B. Kabalevsky are talking. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR N. N. Semenov in the laboratory of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR talks with a researcher E. A. Fushman. Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences AF Ioffe works at his desk in his office at the Institute of Semiconductors of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Demonstration of the work of a new corn harvester at the experimental field of the Dnepropetrovsk Agricultural Institute. Combine designer, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, combine operator G. I. Baida talks with associate professor of the Agricultural Institute K.S. Khvylya. The head of the regional library in the city of Vinnitsa, IM Filippovsky, looks through the new acquisitions in the reading room. Station "North Pole - 6" in the last days of work. Camp of the station "SP-6" before dismantling and dispatching equipment. Dismantling and loading of a typical polar house. Farewell supper of polar explorers, the head of the station "SP-6" VS Antonov makes a toast. Participants of the drift on the site at the flag. VS Antonov read out the order; the flag is dropped. Polar explorers go to the plane to leave the camp. Pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union II Cherevichny in the cockpit. Arrival of the polar explorers of the SP-6 station in Leningrad: the head of the SP-6 station VS Antonov and other polar explorers get out of the plane; meeting at the airport, among them - the head of the station "SP-3" AF Treshnikov. Types of Yakutia. Workers of the detachment of the Vilyui Diamond Party of the Yakutsk Geological Administration are greeting the approaching helicopter. The leader of the detachment, Yu. I. Khabardin, and the workers are sailing on a boat to the helicopter landing site, where they are met by the party's senior geologist G. Kh. Fainshtein. The area of the Yakut diamond deposit "Pipe of Peace". Concentration plant buildings. Selection of diamond crystals in the laboratory of the factory. Streets of Mirny. Streets of Chelyabinsk. Construction of a pipe-welding shop at the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant: bricklayers are working; installation of equipment. Steelmaker of the second blast-furnace shop of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine, Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy and member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR NV Konyakhin in the shop at work; in the office talking with the teacher. Test flight of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin". On the deck of the icebreaker - Academician A. P. Aleksandrov, Deputy Chairman of the Admissions Committee A. N. Stefanovich, Chief Builder of the ship V. I. Chervyakov. Icebreaker captain P.A.Ponomarev on the captain's bridge. Icebreaker engine room. Chief designer of the ship V. I. Neganov with his assistants on the captain's bridge. Director of the Admiralty Plant B. Ye. Klopov talks with the captain. Construction of houses in the village of Novoangarsk. Topographers are considering a plan for the construction of the village. The head of the exploration party IN Zagorulko, the local geologist D. Chuiko and the foreman-driller V. Tushkanov outline the location of the next well. Streets of Ufa. Monument to V.I.Lenin on the square. Panorama of the Chernikovsky oil refinery; workshop equipment; the chairman of the plant committee G. M. Sviridov read out the decree on the award of monetary prizes to the team of the installation. Chukotka villages Nunyamo and Naukan on the shore of the Bering Strait. A resident of the village of Naukan dismantles the yaranga. Artist M. Saryan is working in the studio on a portrait of the writer I. G. Ehrenburg. Pictures of the artist M.S. Saryan.
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, the second world war
, building
, international connections
, higher education
, agricultural sciences
, settlements
, libraries
, fiction
, music
, geography
, places of detention
, secondary vocational education
, shamanism
, medical services for the population
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, ukraine
, extractive industry
, physics
, geology
, aviation industry
, airports
, cultural and educational work for the middle of the population
, cities
, air transport
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V. Kopalin, R. Tumorina, Bezvikonnaya, T. Popova, Zaitsev, I. Mikheev, Marchenko, Chernyavsky, Yu. Chernyatin, I. Panov, Caspian, E. Akkuratov, Bogorov, Listvin, Patushinsky, A. Kovalchuk, P. Shlykov, Y. Borodyaev, F. Ovsyannikov, A. Sarantsev, Duplensky, E. Kachin, A. Pogorely
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