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World and European champions, Olympic champions in figure skating N. Linichuk and G. Karponosov at the training camp in Terskol in Kabardino-Balkaria: climb the funicular, ski, do choreography. Coaches E. Chaikovskaya and T. Tarasova watching the training of the skaters. A. Bukin, N. Bestemyanova, E. Garanina, I. Zavozina and others train at the stadium of Young Pioneers. Figure skater O. Volozhinskaya taking an exam at GITIS (State Institute of Theater Arts). Honored Master of Sports L. Pakhomova in choreography training with figure skaters E. Batanova and A. Soloviev. L. Pakhomova and A. Gorshkov perform at the USSR Championship in Kiev. Figure skaters N. Bestemyanova and A. Bukin perform at the European Championship in Innsbruck in 1981. Presentation of gold and silver medals at the Olympic Games in Lake Placid in 1980 to Soviet figure skaters N. Linichuk and G. Karponosov, I. Moiseeva and A. Minenkov. Performances dance couples I. Moiseeva and A. Minenkov, E. Batanova and A. Solovyov in Moscow at the competition for the prize of the newspaper "Moscow News". Among the figure skaters N. Bestemyanova and A. Bukin. The last performances of N. Linichuk and G. Karponosov in Moscow in 1981. Skaters present them with flowers. E. Tchaikovskaya speaking. Performances at competitions for the prize of the newspaper "Moscow News" in 1982, figure skaters O. Volozhinskaya and A. Svinin, Jeta Torvil and Christopher Dean. Presentation of awards to the winners. Interview with L. Pakhomova (synchronously).
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figure skating
, olympic games
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R. Petrosov
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