Meetings in America

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Receiving a delegation of Soviet statesmen Nikita Khrushchev in the Kremlin. Members of the delegation flying to the United States: D. Polyansky, Kunaev, Kalchenko, Javakhishvili, Iskanderov, Konotop, Smirnov, Pankin, Bobkov, Ladeyshchikov, Trunov, Dzhalilov. Meeting guests at New York Idewild Airport. Among the greeters R. Dowling, Holland. D. Polyansky speaking. Passage of the members of the delegation across the bridge. Triborbridge, city streets. UN building. The Soviet delegation in the meeting room. The building of the governor's residence. Members of the delegation at the reception. R. Meiner speaking. D. Polyansky in the family of the governor. City of Philadelphia. The streets of the town. The Mayor welcomes the guests. D. Polyansky speaking. Governor's residence in Charleston. Members of the delegation at a meeting of both houses of the state legislature. Interview with t. Polyansky for the radio. Mayor Shacklin presents Polyansky with the key to the city. Florida orange groves. D. Polyansky talks with the governor. The streets of the town. Hotel named after A. Lincoln. House Museum. Members of the delegation visiting the museum. Exhibits: table, hat. Lincoln's Mausoleum. Laying wreaths at Lincoln's Tomb. Reception in honor of the Soviet delegation hosted by Governor I. Stratton. Reception at the Governor's House in Idaho. Meeting with the Governor of Utah. Chicago slums. At home. Miami. Members of the delegation at the "Scientist Dolphins" show. City of Mormons. Snow-covered houses. Members of the delegation visited the Jeniva Metallurgical Plant in Utah, the mines of West Virginia, the rubber products plant in the state of Idaho, the sawmill in the state of Idaho, the electrical equipment plant in Springfield, the power plant in Ridgefield, the juice plant, a poultry farm, a dairy farm, a school, Princeton University ... Members of the delegation talk with students. A youth orchestra is performing, a dance is being performed. Seeing off at the airport. D. Polyansky speaking. Travel members of the delegation through the streets of Washington. Blair House, Pencil, Congress Building. Meeting in Congress with Foreign Affairs Commission Chairman Morgan, Legal Commission Chairman Seller. State Department. Conversation of members of the delegation with Secretary of State Herter. The White house. Meeting with US President Eisenhower. Presentation of a gift - a model of the icebreaker "Lenin". Reception in honor of the delegation at the embassy. Among the guests are S. Ethan, E. Warren, Dillon, Benson. Press conference. D. Polyansky speaking.
L. Varlamov
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, political connections
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, cities
, education
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I. Bessarabov
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text E. Litoshko, speaker L. Khmara, music producer I. Schweitzer, sound engineer D. Ovsyannikov
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