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Types, landscapes of the steppes in Mongolia. Nomads drive livestock to another pasture. Mongols ride donkeys. Dwelling of the arat cattle breeder of Mongolia. Types of Buddhist monastery, monastery buildings, printing house at the monastery. Lamas recite prayers; perform religious rituals, eat; accept gifts from worshipers, talk with arats. The lama reads a prayer, brews a medicine, gives medicine to a sick woman in a yurt. Arats carry the body of the deceased out of the yurt, put it on the snow; the lama reads a prayer over the body of the deceased. View of the monastery yard. The novices cook food in large cauldrons, chop wood, and carry water in buckets. Lamas perform religious rituals at a Buddhist festival. A type of bazaar in Mongolia: sellers sell milk, flour, household utensils, buyers pay with animal skins. The merchant weighs the purchased wool on the scales. View of the workshops of Chinese artisans in Mongolia; a tinker tins a pan; artisan at the grinder. Sculpture by D. Sukhe-Bator on a horse. Columns of demonstrators are on the city square. Members of the People's Revolutionary Government of Mongolia speak in front of those gathered in the square. General view of the meeting of the Central Committee of the Mongolian People's Party (after 1925 - the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party). The printing press is printing a newspaper. View of the territory of the first collective farm in Mongolia. Meeting of collective farmers at the Red Yurt. Arat collective farmers work the land with a plow, look after a flock of sheep, and process sheep's wool. Cooperative store type: customers choose goods - felt boots, boots, shirts, mirrors, etc. View of new residential buildings, school buildings, department store. Moments of the trial of the Mongolian counter-revolutionaries. Soldiers of the Mongolian People's Army go in for sports. Spectators watch cavalry horse riding. Children are having lunch in kindergarten. Babysitters take care of newborn children in a hospital in Mongolia.
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national life
, school education
, collective farm
, communist party
, livestock
, sports
, religious institutions
, publishing
, protection of the state building
, preschool education
, handicraft industry
, agriculture
, medical service
, trade
, buddhism
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