Moscow Around the World

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Khimki river station. Boarding passengers on the ship. The steamer is sailing along the Moscow Canal. Captain in the wheelhouse, passengers on deck. Map of the "Moscow Around the World". Wooded coast. Uglichny hydroelectric station. Gateway. General plan of the city of Uglich. Church "Dmitry on Blood". Passengers from the steamer "V. Gusev" visiting the church, visiting the Uglich Museum of Local Lore. Rybinsk Sea. Sculpture "Volga". Rybinsk gateway gate. The pier of Rybinsk. Passengers on deck draw, knit, embroider. Steamer cabin. Passengers dine at the restaurant. Marina of Yaroslavl. City area. The park. Square in front of the Volkov Theater. Monument to Nekrasov. Embankment with a gazebo over the Volga. Sunset. Plyos. Church. The former dacha of F. Chaliapin. Beach. Swimming pool on the upper deck of the ship. Girls are sunbathing, men are taking a shower. The pier of the city of Kineshma. Boulevard. Monument to Ostrovsky. Gorky Sea. Sandy pit over the Volga. Balakhna. Krasnoe Sormovo. Gorky railway bridge. Cargo port. Gorky city (view from the water). Gorky Kremlin. Monument to A. Gorky. Kashirin's house, where Gorky spent his childhood. A room in the house. University street. Monument to V. Chkalov. Arrow. Gorky city bridge. Oka. Gorbatovo district. Fishermen catch fish. Landscape of Meshchera. The pier of the city of Ryazan. City streets, square. Monument to I. Pavlov. Theater named after S. Yesenin. Bust of the poet. Return of tourists to Moscow. Kremlin (on the move).
K. Eggers
Film ID
, relaxation
, river transport
, public catering
, literature
, museums
, landscapes
, theaters
, cities
, railway transport
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
S. Kiselev
Other Creators
text L. Likhodeev, speaker L. Khmara, lyrics by M. Matusovsky, composer B. Mokrousov, sound engineer D. Ovsyannikov, director B. Minenkov
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