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The plot of the film chronicle about the opening of the traveling exhibition of the Central Museum of the Revolution of the USSR "The ideas of October live and win" on December 17, 1982 in the regional museum of local lore in the city of Kurgan. Yevgeny Fadeevich Sychev, Deputy Head of the Regional Department of Culture, speaks at the opening of the Moscow exhibition. He cuts the red ribbon. A historical exposition opens before the first visitors. The exhibition director Natalya Vasilievna Skokova tells about what is presented in the windows and on the stands. She conducts the first excursion. Exhibits dedicated to the victory and the formation of Soviet power in the country. Stands: "THE VICTORY OF OCTOBER - THE MAIN EVENT OF THE XX CENTURY, WHICH REDUALLY CHANGED THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE WHOLE MANKIND", "THE DECREE ABOUT EARTH" Lenin "MIND, HONOR AND CONSCIENCE OF OUR ERA", personal belongings of the hero of the Civil War, commander M.V. Frunze, telegraph, photographs of banners "DEATH TO THE BARON WRANGEL", "CRIMEA SHOULD BE TAKEN IN WHAT IT WILL BE", photographs of military operations in the Great Patriotic War. Modern life is represented by photographs of the first cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin, designer of rocket and space systems S.P. Queen and many others, photographs of clippings from newspapers, meetings of the Congress. Part of the exposition is dedicated to the famous Kurgan people: [personal belongings] of the breeder and innovator of agriculture T.S. Maltsev, bust of orthopedic surgeon Dr. G.A. Ilizarov (1969, sk. YL Chernov) and his [personal belongings].
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complex museums
, forms and methods of campaigning and political educational work
, excursions and visitors
, state museums
, exposure
, exhibits
27,7 (общ. 212,7)
A. Krasnoshein
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