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Kremlin. Temples. Graves of the fighters of the revolution at the Kremlin wall. Kremlin towers with royal eagles. The Tsar Bell. Tsar Cannon. CEC building. One of the meetings. CEC members: Kalinin, Yenukidze, Smilga, Rykov, Tsyuryupa, Gazafar Mahmud Ogly Musabekov. Red Square. St Basil's Church. Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Big theater. Monuments to Pushkin; Minin and Pozharsky. Spasskaya, Sukharevskaya towers. Triumphal, Red Gates. Sverdlov, Passion, Svoboda, Trubnaya, Arbatskaya, Kalanchevskaya, Lubyanskaya squares. Streets: Myasnitskaya, Tverskaya, Kuznetsky Most, Petrovka. Bridges: Pig-iron, Crimean, Moskvoretsky. China town. Restaurant "Prague". Stations: Belorussky, Kazansky, Leningradsky. Movement w. e. formulations, f. etc. bridges. Passengers. Plants, factories: "Java", "Trekhgornaya Manufaktura", "Amo" and others. Trade in kiosks "Mosselprom", "Mostorg", in the cooperative "Kommunar" ("Eliseevsky store"), on the Sukharev market. Post, telegraph: work of employees, buildings. Policemen, boot cleaners. Buildings of mansions, including: Morozovsky, kn. Shcherbatov, the House of the Nobility Assembly, the House of the Moscow Governor, the Hermitage restaurant. Embassy buildings: Japan, Poland, Turkey, Persia, Great Britain. Ambassadors and envoys. Chronicle: the opening of the monument to General Skobelev, the removal of the monument, the Obelisk of Freedom. The movement of pedestrians, transport, including automobile, urban, horse-drawn, air. Moskva River: movement of steamships, barges, seaplane. The work of janitors, watering, cleaning machines. Life of townspeople. Homeless. Zoo. Hippodrome. Sokolniki Park, Lenin Hills, Neskuchny Sad, Stadiums. The audience is having fun in one of the restaurants in Moscow. Working club. Moscow University: a building on Mokhovaya, a monument to Lomonosov, students. Solemn meetings, reception of foreign workers' delegations.
I. Kopalin, M. Kaufman
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, culture and recreation
, urban transport
, international state relations
, non-residential buildings and structures
, architecture
, higher education
, everyday life
, cooperative trade
, state trade
, cartage
, monuments
, cities
, light industry
, railway stations
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M. Kaufman, I. Belyakov, P. Zotov
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