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City of Moscow PART 1. Three men drink bottled beer "Pilzenskoe" at the table in the open air, smoke. A man with an apron clears empty bottles from the table. Swimmers in caps jump at a signal into the water from a wooden pier, swim to the pier, swim. A man jumps into the water from a makeshift tower set up in the trees. A flash in the darkness of a car passing along the street. Night, barely discernible people on the street. Three teenagers are sailing in a boat on the river, on the shore - two-story brick houses. On the bank of the Moskva River, an athlete jumps into the water from a wooden tower, swims. The swimmer "jumps" out of the water onto the tower (rear projection). A tram rides along the river bank, past wooden houses. Three men on the deck of the steamer, sail under the Crimean bridge. There is a crowd of people (night photography, from the top point). A steam locomotive with carriages "runs into" the camera. The locomotive passes over the movie camera. A passenger car is driving; wheel of a driving car (removed from traffic). Selling "hand-held" on the street, tram number 8 is passing by. On the wall of the house there is a banner: "[YOU] BORA IN MOSSOVET." An ambulance drives out of the courtyard through the gateway; the driver of the sanitary car passes the exit pass to the guard on the move (removed from the movement). There is a tram with a sign on the cab - "Kursk-Smolenskaya", you can clearly see the face of the carriage driver (removed from the movement). People are standing with banners (night photography). A woman with a sack in her hands stops in front of a rope stretched in front of her, next to a smiling man. Four men are driving along the tram tracks in a passenger car (removed from movement). A city street, cars are driving, there are flags on the building, a banner with the NDP is stretched across the street: "... WHERE ARE MILLIONS ... .THE POLITICS (LENIN)" (removed from the top). On the building of the Moscow City Council there is a banner "SOVIETS - THE LEAF OF THE WORKERS 'UNION PEASANTS ", NDP" LENIN "from electric bulbs (evening shooting). An open door in the wall of the building, above it a sign: “... ST. MOSCOW MOS.-KUR. INIZ. Railway .. ". Cars are going by on the territory of the railway depot. Railroad workers smoke. 1 hour - 184.9 m PART 2 Travel along the street: cars, pedestrians. Market, trams passing by, pedestrians (filmed from the top point). On the street there is a traffic controller, two riders are riding. In the diaphragm: a shovel removes the sod of the earth, a digger digs a ditch. Hands wash his soapy head. The entrance to the store, there are signs: "BEER WATER AND SNACKS" and "PIVOTRECHGORNY FOR [WATER]" a woman comes in. A man is lying on the bed in his clothes, reading a book, next to a table there is a glass with a vault, a pack of cigarettes and a book. A disabled man with no hands in the market asks for alms. There is a cart, horses are next to it, men and children are sitting on the slope. A Red Army soldier is standing next to the horses. On the territory of the Kanatchikova Dacha psychiatric hospital, two young women are lying on the grass in straitjackets. A child in a velvet coat trimmed with white fur. Citizens on the boulevard, a woman sits on a bench, next to a stroller with a child. A teenager runs along the beam of a house under construction. Two teenagers climb to the top of a house under construction. A boy sells from a small stall, next to a shopping arcade with open sacks of goods. Demonstrators walk along the street, with them a little boy in a navy uniform with a lag in his hand. On the tape of the peakless cap of the NDP "HERO". A small dog in the arms of a woman. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, a sign on the wall of the house: "Free help at home, 1st Meshchansky district." Men and women are leaning against the wall of the house [waiting to be hired]. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, a sign on the wall of the house: "Free help at home, 1st Meshchansky district." A man, standing on a chair, nails something to the wall of the house, people are standing nearby. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, a sign on the wall of the house: "Free help at home 1st Meshchansky district", people are standing nearby. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, four children stand and drink from a mug. The townspeople walk in the rain. Bare feet of a woman walking on the asphalt. Two boys go down the slope next to the stone support of the bridge. There is a goat on the eaves of the bridge support. Two boys are sitting on the ground. A woman is trying to get close to a goat lying on the ledge of a stone bridge. The goat jumps up and runs away. Goat on a hillside. Two boys sit on a slope and watch the goat, then get up and walk towards it. Sculptural decoration on the wall of the house. On the ground, next to a pile of firewood, a group of men and women sits, a pioneer approaches them and reads the text of an advertisement, holding in his hands. A man is catching a fish with a net from a metal barrel; children are watching. A man in a cap walks along the wall of the house, with a pipe in his mouth and a bundle over his shoulder. An electric bell on the wall above the door. A man walks to the wall of the house, on which an electric bell is installed, and rings. A group of children on the shore of a pond watches as a man releases fish from his hands into the water. A man speaks in front of people around him. A young guy sniffs cocaine using a cigarette sleeve, shoved nose, teenagers are sitting next to them on the ground. A cart with meat carcasses drives into the warehouse "backwards" (reverse exposure). A Moscow street: pedestrians, a tram, a car, a convoy of athletes is running (filmed from the top point). Tverskaya Zastava Square in front of the Belorussky railway station. Travel along Nikolskaya street. A column of athletes is walking along Red Square, the townspeople are standing (filmed from the top point). A monument to K. Minin and D. Pozharsky is visible. A column of athletes, accompanied by the townspeople, is walking along Tverskaya Zastava Square past the Triumphal Arch. Two female patients of the Kanatchikova Dacha psychiatric hospital. An absolutely naked man sits on the grass, then falls, two psychiatric orderlies are standing nearby hospital "Kanatchikova dacha". An ambulance dispatcher sits at the table by the telephone, presses the electric bell button. A woman speaks on the phone in a telephone booth, smiles. The phone is on the table in front of the open window. On the wall - a device, electrical outlets, a piece of paper with the NDP "Delay of the car" is attached with buttons. An ambulance car is going (removed from motion). The ambulance dispatcher takes the call by phone, fills in the order. An ambulance car is going on board the NDP Ambulance of the Moscow Healthcare Department. Tel. without number 48-90 and 48-95. " The ambulance dispatcher picks up the phone. 2 hours - 211.1 m
D. Vertov
Film ID
urban transport
, run
, swimming
, treatment-and-prophylactic assistance to the population
, sports
, everyday life
, cities
, railway transport
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M.A. Kaufman
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