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The film explores the metaspace of Bezymyanka as a phenomenon that has its place in objective space and time, but also in the soul of a person who until recently knew the name of his Motherland. Part 1 The city of Samara. The lesson of the patients of the speech therapy department of the Samara State Psychoneurological Dispensary: children, adolescents, young people chant the texts of the Gospel (video filming, sync.). City streets, traffic and pedestrian traffic. People sit on benches in the park. Children play in the wasteland. Railway station "Bezymyanka". Military newsreels (1941-1945): the assembly of aircraft in the workshop of the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant, the Il-2 military aircraft takes off from the airfield, the pilot in the cockpit, the movement of infantry, tanks, artillery pieces. Fragments of the feature film "The Fall of Berlin" (dir. -post M. Chiaureli, 1949, c / st "Mosfilm"), in the role of Alexei Ivanov - actor BF Adreev (sinhr.). Part 2 The city of Samara. View of the Samara metro station "Bezymyanka". On the track walls there are pictures of the life and work of aircraft factories during the Great Patriotic War, made with marble mosaics. A young man chanting reads the Gospel (video filming, synchronously). Fragments from the Povolzhye newsreels for 1950: - A plot about the playground of the Kirovsky district of Kuibyshev: the bugler plays a collection, children on the playground do exercises, play volleyball; the guys play musical instruments, embroider in the classroom in the circles. - A plot about the Samara newsreel studio: cameraman M.I.Tsiporin near the car before leaving for shooting, cameraman N.V. Kiselyov at the camera, director D.A. Dalsky in the editing studio, director K.I. Poznyakov and music producer B.V. .Mertsalov in the viewing room, sound engineer FK Galochkin at work, artists MB Sukhova and NN Petrov working on the cartoon table. Part 3 Fragments from the Povolzhye newsreels for 1950: - A meeting of voters with a deputy of the district council, a worker of the plant B. D. Bakhusev in the propaganda center of the Kirov district of Kuibyshev. - Kirov Avenue, Pobeda streets, Novovokzalnaya, Kuibyshev; the building of the school, the Victory club, the Yunost cinema, the kindergarten, the children with the teacher lead a round dance. The boy is chanting the Gospel. Views of Samara in the evening.
A. Baranov
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, urban transport
, out-of-school education
, health care
, defense industry
, electoral system
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A. Bezuglov, A. Safronov
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Sound operator V. Shubin
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