News of the Day No 9

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Moscow city. Ninth All-Union Congress of DOSAAF (All-Union Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy). Congress delegates in the meeting room, the podium. Among those present: I. V. Kapitonov, A. A. Epishev. Speakers: IV Kapitonov, Chairman of the USSR DOSAAF Central Committee, Fleet Admiral Yegorov. Krasnoyarsk region. The city of Minusinsk. Construction of an electrical industrial complex. Production processes at a high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker plant. The city of Kaluga. Automotive electrical equipment plant. Design department. Honored innovator of the RSFSR GI Sergeev and other designers at work. Automatic machine tools created by the plant's designers are working. Working dining room of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant. The subsidiary farm of the plant. Cows in the pasture. Pigs with piglets. Moscow city. House of Unions. Plenum of the Soviet Women's Committee. V. Tereshkova and others are speaking. Exhibition of children's drawings. Production, packaging and tasting of chocolates at the Kuibyshev confectionery factory "Russia". Moscow region. The city of Bolshevo. Production processes at the May Day Factory. Weaver VI Kuzmina teaches students. V.I.Kuzmina was awarded the Order of Labor Glory. Manufacturing of children's toys at the Krugozor plant in Moscow.
A. Opryshko
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food industry
, textile industry
, public catering
, mentoring
, invention
, other socio-political organizations
, production of cultural goods
, automotive industry
, awards
, electrical industry
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A. Goncharov, V. Gorbatsky, L. Sokolnikov, E. Marfel, V. Muratov, V. Baikov, A. Mirumyan, G. Epifanov, G. Zavyalov
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