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Films tell about the Tula region on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917. Tula city. Types of streets, monuments, the Kremlin. The building of the Theater for Young Spectators, in which the first Tula Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies sat 40 years ago. Production processes at the Novotulsky Metallurgical Plant. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, plant foreman P. S. Demchenko at work. Production processes at the Kosogorsk Metallurgical Combine. Gas industry foreman IK Dubov and his son Yevgeny at work. Production of samovars, washing machines, scooters at the Tula plant "Shtamp". The work of the turbine hall of the Shakhty power plant. Trains travel on an electrified railroad between Tula and Moscow. Rewarding miners with orders and medals of the Tula-ugol plant. Among them is the Hero of Socialist Labor Kochetov. Open pit coal mining at the Kimovsky open pit. Excavators are working; drivers are transporting coal. View of the new mining town Lipki. Types of streets. New settlers in houses. Work of miners in mine number 8 - Lipskoy; among them the miner F. V. Kotlyarov. Miners at a concert at the Palace of Culture. Cleaning of oats on the collective farm named after Krupskaya. Milkmaids at work on the farm of the Prioksky state farm. Types of new buildings in the city. Master Popov teaches children the construction profession. View of the museum-estate Yasnaya Polyana. One of the pioneer camps in the region. Children are resting, swimming.
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