No Memory of the Past

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Film is a reflection on the war against Iraq, which enslaved Kuwait. Landscape: sunrise over the sea. Dunes. Fishermen with their catch on the seashore. Underwater world. Surf. Rocket launcher. Soldiers are loading a gun: shelling. An American plane takes off from an aircraft carrier. Military helicopters. The ship's gun shoots. Destroyed residential building. People are pulling bodies out from under the rubble. US military action against Iraq. USA. Washington. January 1991. Conference room of the United States Congress. President D. Bush is speaking. Consequences of the bombing in Baghdad. Destruction. Fires. Injured in hospital wards. The murdered child. S. Hussein gets out of the car, with the soldiers. Iraq. 1979 year. Presidential elections. People at the polling stations. S. Hussein in parliament, at the inauguration holiday. Acceptance of jewelry. Children with posters "We love S. Hussein". Demonstration in support of S. Hussein. Military parade. Men in national clothes, girls in military uniforms, military equipment are passing by. Burning Kuwait. Military patrol. Demonstration in Kuwait. Demonstrators carry portraits of the Emir of Kuwait D. Al-Sabah. Cars with refugees on the highway. Refugees at the airport. Kuwait. Meeting of the National Assembly. Parliamentarians welcome the emir. Meeting of the League of Arab Countries. Speeches. Meeting of leaders of various countries in connection with the Persian problem: Bush and E. Shevardnadze, E. Primakov and S. Hussein. Fighting Iran against Kuwait. USA. Demonstration at the White House. New York. Meeting of the Security Council. Speaker D. Bush, voting members of the Council. A military plane takes off, in the air (night shooting). Explosions in the city. Injured in the hospital. Demonstration in support of Iran in Morocco. Demonstration of women in Algeria. Demonstrations in Bangladesh, Jordan, Iran. S. Hussein prays with children. US soldiers escorting prisoners.
E. Hecker
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military conflicts of the ii half of the 20th century
, higher state bodies
, landscapes
, international organizations
, medical service
, international solidarity
, electoral system
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M. Mess
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Script by L. Tarnoruder
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