North Caucasus Number 11

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The newsreel includes plots: 1st plot. The main thing in life. The plot tells about a noble horse breeder from the collective farm "Soviet Balkaria" A.B. Nastuev, who was awarded the Order of Lenin. The plot uses the following filming: mountain landscapes, general view of the village of Upper Balkaria, residents on the street of the village; a group of men, including A.B.Nastuev, are talking in the courtyard of the house, a correspondent is interviewing A.B.Nastuev, A.B.Nastuev with his grandson; meeting of rural secondary school students with veterans of the collective farm "Soviet Balkaria", awarded the Order of Lenin, among the veterans - AB Nastuyev and A. Zhangurazov, M. Zhaukenov. 2 nd plot. Towards Red Saturday. The plot tells about the production success at the Georgievsky Valve Plant. The plot uses the following filming: production processes in the iron-foundry shop No. 2, casting of cast iron; general view of the finished products of the plant. 3rd plot. A family of shepherds. The plot tells about the senior shepherd of the Teberdinsky state farm in Karachay-Cherkessia Zukhra Bedzhieva. The plot uses the following filming: Z.Bedzhieva rides a horse in a cloak, talks to the director of the state farm who has visited the kennel, feeds the sheep; Zukhra's father and mother help her with the sheep; view of sheep in an open pen, in a pasture. 4th plot. Sobriety test. The plot tells about the device IKA-78, which determines the concentration of alcohol in the blood of drivers, which was developed by a group of specialists from the Chechen-Ingush University under the leadership of V. Kalinin. In the plot, the following filming was used: the movement of cars on the highway, a traffic police officer stops one of the cars, takes a sample for alcohol from the driver, using improvised means, incl. and a glass; one of the drivers is tested in a special laboratory to determine the presence of alcohol in his blood; VD Kalinin with a group of employees at the IKA-78 device (alcohol concentration meter); laboratory testing of the device before launching it into production. 5th plot. In the Dombai mountains. The plot is dedicated to the ski season in Dombai. The plot includes the following filming: mountain landscapes, lovers of alpine skiing climb the mountains by cable car, skiing, sunbathing; general view of the hotel complex on Dombai (filmed from the top point).
A. Chubarov
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, physics
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, metallurgy
, automobile transport
, livestock
, everyday life
, skiing
, construction industry
, militia
, landscapes
, consumer services
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А. Аттаев, Х. Короев, М. Барбутлы, Б. Nasimov
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