North Caucasus Number 19

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Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR M.S. Solomentsev speaks at a meeting of leaders in industry, agriculture, construction, transport, services of the RSFSR. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR VA Kirillin presents the challenge Red Banner to representatives of the leadership of the RSFSR. Moments of oil workers at the drilling rig in the Stavropol Territory. MF Litvinenko, foreman of the best brigade of oil workers in the Stavropol Territory, is working at a drilling rig. Shock workers of the 10th five-year plan, workers of the Circassian chemical plant named after 50th anniversary of October, turner NS Chernov and milling machine operator AU Amaev are working at the machines in the shop of the plant. Production processes in various departments of the plant. Innovator, inventor, engineer of the Nalchik plant of telemechanical equipment named after V.I. 50th anniversary of the USSR A. Khevsokov, who received an inventor's certificate for the invention of a new relay, talks with a laboratory assistant in the assembly shop of the plant. Moments of construction of a feed mill and a mill, the largest in North Ossetia. Workers of a poultry farm at the Kotryarevsky state breeding plant in Kabardino-Balkaria feed ducks. Moments of the rugby match in the city of Nalchik between the team of Kabardino-Balkaria and the Moscow team "Fili".
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fuel industry
, central government agencies
, livestock
, chemical industry
, radio industry
, feed industry
, rugby
, awards
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