North Caucasus Number 24

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1st plot "Change of masters" Dagestan, Makhachkala. The plot tells about the store "Yubileiny" in Makhachkala, where they sell products made by the hands of students at the educational and industrial complexes of the city. Store "Yubileiny", products made by the hands of students, in the trading floor of the store. Buyers choose carpets, furniture, clothing and other products. The director of the store, Gadzhi Suleimanovich Suleimanov, talks (sync. And behind the scenes) about the idea of creating a store, about the work of the store. 2nd plot "Alternative" North Ossetia, Vladikavkaz. The plot tells about the renaming of the town of Ordzhonikidze. Panorama of the city, along the Terek river. Types of streets, cinema, monument to S. Ordzhonikidze. Taxi car with the inscription "Ordzhonikidze". General view of signs on highways with the inscriptions "Vladikavkaz-Tbilisi", "Vladikavkaz-Ardon", "Vladikavkaz-Rostov-on-Don". Residents of the city are unambiguously speaking about renaming the city of Ordzhonikidze to the city of Vladikavkaz (sinhr.). 3rd plot "Blessed are those who have visited this world ..." Kabardino-Balkaria. The plot tells about the awarding of the Lenin Prize to Kaisyn Kuliev (posthumously). Aul, where the national poet of Kabardino-Balkaria Kaisyn Kuliev was born. General view of the house of Kaysyn Kuliev. Kuliev's friends enter the house. Type of document on the award of the Lenin Prize to Kaisyn Kuliev (posthumously). Solemn meeting dedicated to Kaisyn Kuliev: general view of the hall and the presidium, speeches of speakers at the meeting. Newsreel footage: Kaisyn Kuliev among his fellow villagers. Kaysyn Kuliev is in the courtyard of the house, an elderly woman is giving him a mug of water. Kaysyn Kuliev at work.
R. Kadzova
Film ID
school education
, automobile transport
, rural settlements
, everyday life
, cities
, trade
Number of Parts
Chon Ning Gu, S. Gusev, A. Attayev
Other Creators
sound engineer R. Tuaev, editor V. Karev, announcer U. Baskaev, music producer V. Belyansky
Release Date