North Caucasus Number 48

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. Biopreparations. The plot tells about the Stavropol biofactory. The plot uses the following filming: general view of the building of the institute, production processes in the workshops of the enterprise; an interview with the director of the factory, Professor G.F. Denisenko (sync. and behind the scenes.); factory employees at work in the laboratory, panorama of the laboratory, instruments. 2nd plot. State farm "Kakhunsky". The plot tells about the preparation of feed necessary for raising young animals and replenishing the farms of the state farm with highly productive cows. The plot uses the following filming: a panorama of the cattle-breeding complex in the Kabardino-Balkarian state farm "Kakhunsky"; preparation of forage grasses on the collective farm; trucks with green mass of corn for preparation of silage go to the silage site; cows on the farm, mechanized delivery of hay to the stables; a tractor carries trailers with hay to the farm, unloading hay; state farm managers on one of the farms. 3rd plot. Dry cleaning on wheels. The plot tells about the new services of the production association "Daghimchistka". The plot uses the following filming: a car with the NDP "Urgent Dry Cleaning" driving along the highway; workers of livestock farms in the Kochubeevsky and Babayurtovsky districts of the republic hand over things to dry cleaning on wheels; general view of the urgent cleaning process, ironing the product after cleaning with the help of a stripping dummy, dispensing products after cleaning. 4th plot. Palace of Health. The plot is dedicated to a new clinic for motorists in Kabardino-Balkaria. The plot includes the following filming: general view of the building of the polyclinic, physiotherapy room, X-ray room, ingolatorium, treatment room, physiotherapy room, mud baths, swimming pool; polyclinic patients at the reception, at the reception of therapists and dentists, during procedures in one of the offices. 5th plot. The premiere of the theater. The plot is dedicated to the premiere of the play "Mata Hari" based on the play by the Bulgarian playwright N. Iordanov on the stage of the North Ossetian Republican Russian Drama Theater, staged by the Bulgarian director D. Ignatov. The plot uses the following filming: scenes from the play, the audience in the hall watching the action of the play, applauding the artists; the director accepts congratulations; interview with director D. Ignatov (sync. and for the frame.)
L. Magkeeva
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medical services for the population
, cultural connections
, livestock
, bulgaria
, everyday life
, microbiological industry
, theatre
, state agricultural products
, biology
, consumer services
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A. Attayev, Chon Nin Gu, V. Bondar, M. Khakulov
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