North Ossetia Meetings

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The film tells about North Ossetia on the eve of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of its autonomy. First part. Blooming apple trees, - apples on the branches. Branches of an apple tree under the snow. Shepherds are driving a flock of sheep along a mountain road. Mountain gorge. The village is on the slope of the mountain. NDP on the gentle slopes of the mountains. Forest on the slopes of the mountains. NDP in the city of Ordzhonikidze from a high point. River, rapids, multi-storey buildings, in the background - mountains. The trolleybus is driving down the street. The sprinkler is driving down the street. Boys on bicycles ride down the street, pass under the streams of water. A tram is going. Meeting in the regional committee of the CPSU, the 1st secretary of the North Ossetian regional committee of the CPSU B.E. Kabaloev speaks. Summer, city streets, young people on the street, transport rides, pedestrians walk along the bridge over the river, flower beds, flower beds in the streets. The electric train drives up to the station, passengers get out of the cars. Employees of the plant "Electrosvyaz" go to work, pass through the gate, a poster over the gate "THANKS FOR GOOD WORK!" "WE WILL FULFILL THE 9TH FIVE YEARS EARLY!" Trucks are passing through the yard of the plant. Plowed fields in the valleys. Men are mowing the grass. Combine harvesters are driving across the field. Students of the art school (Ordzhonikidze) draw in the office, on the street, paint the bus. - the faces of the guys. Director of the children's art school NV Zhukov is standing by the bus, explaining to the children the purpose of the trip to the mountains to collect material for the competition "My Republic". The guys with sketchbooks are at the bus. Pictures of children. Work in the shops of factories of the republic. Lesson in the classroom of one of the institutes. Trucks are driving along a mountain road. Work in the shops of the "Electrozinc" plant. Poster “MINING! REDUCE LEAD IN SLAGS! ”. - faces of smelters. The melters take a shower after their shift, play dominoes in the break room. Senior apparatchik V.M. Konyaev talks about his career at the plant. The second part of. VM Konyaev at work, talks about his awards, how he fought during the Great Patriotic War, was wounded. Buildings of the Electrozinc plant. A torch is burning in front of the entrance to the plant, a tram stop. Monument with the inscription “1942G. ETERNAL GLORY TO THE HEROIC DEFENDERS OF ORDZHONIKIDZE (VLADIKAVKAZA) "in the park. A bus with young artists goes along the road among the mountains, leaves the tunnel. The guys with sketchbooks go up the hill, cross the suspended bridge over the river. Tent camp in the mountains, a young man draws near the tent. The bus enters the territory of the tourist complex in the Tseysky gorge (Alagirsky district). Vacationers play volleyball on the court. Types of Tseyskiy gorge. Tourists stand at the monument of ancient Ossetian architecture in the Tsei gorge - the Rekom sanctuary. Mountain peaks in the fog, a panorama of plowed fields in the foothills. The lorry is driving along the road, the sign "s. ELHOTOVO ". Veteran of the collective farm "Caucasus" ZT Sidakov talks about the people of the collective farm, about the harvest. The GAZ-69 car is driving along the road along the fields. The harvester mows ears of wheat, - the operator's face at the wheel. Grain is poured into the back of the truck. Brigadier of the collective farm tractor brigade, Hero of Socialist Labor Dagko Nakusov at work in the field. Brigadier Magomed Usaev rides a tractor, smokes at the tractor. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet, Hero of Socialist Labor corn grower Eruslan Zboev smokes at the tractor, sits in the cab. Harvesting equipment on the field. Combiners have lunch in the field. The car drives over the bridge over the river in the village of Elkhotovo. ZT Sidakov tells about villagers who participated in the Great Patriotic War. The harvester works in the field at sunset. Views of the village at night. People's Artist of the USSR, leading actor of the North Ossetian Drama Theater V.V. Tkhapsaev in the dressing room talks about how he became an actor, about working on the role of Othello. VV Tkhapsaev makes up before the performance. The third part. Othello's monologue (V. V. Tkhapsaev) is a scene from the play. The building of the North Ossetian Drama Theater, in the foreground - a flowerbed. G. Ordzhonikidze, a bridge over the river, an embankment. Girls with music folders are walking through the park, in the background - a trolleybus is going. Rehearsal of the symphony orchestra, conductor - People's Artist of the RSFSR VB Dudarova. VB Dudarova talks about her profession. Autumn forest on the slopes of the mountains. Blooming trees in spring. Winter forest. The slopes of the mountains in the fog. Watchtowers in the mountains. Gorges. Mountain river waters. The opening ceremony of the 19th USSR parachuting championship at the stadium in Ordzhonikidze. The teams go through the arena, spectators in the stands. The parachutist flies over the city, lands on the field. The jury members sit at tables on the field. The chairman of the Regional Council of DOSAAF V.S. Zangiev tells about the combat actions of the pilots in the area of Ordzhonikidze during the Great Patriotic War, about his injury, about how he was saved by a woman from the village. The biplane takes off. Parachutists jump out of the plane. The dispatcher on the field clears the aircraft for takeoff Parachutists in the sky, landing on the ground. Fireworks over the stadium. Parachutists in the sky unite in a circle, fly, view of the earth from an airplane. Fourth part. A bus with students of an art school travels along a city street, along a rural road. The teacher N.V. Zhukov with the children in the open air, in the background - the tent camp of young artists. The faces of the guys painting in a clearing in the forest. Horse riders gallop among cars on the street of Ordzhonikidze. Honored Artist of the RSFSR I.A. Kantemirov works with a horse in the circus arena, talks about Buyan's horse. Fragments of the performance of the equestrian circus group of the Moscow circus "Ali-Bek" under the direction of IA Kantemirov. The founder of the circus dynasty of the Kantemirovs AT Kantemirov sits on the podium of the circus during the rehearsal of the program, talking with the artists in the arena. Circus performers lead horses into a boxcar. An artist in the arena performs lezginka to the applause of the audience. NDP on the towers in the mountains. Tour of the towers. Athletes in kayaks are sailing along a mountain river. Foreign tourists get off the bus, go to a unique monument of the Middle Ages, an architectural complex on the left bank of the Fiagdon River - the village of Tsmiti (Kurtat Gorge, Alagirsky District). Meeting of the Bulgarian delegation on the Ossetian land, the elders meet the guests. Fifth part. An American tourist talks about his impressions of Ossetia. - faces of Ossetian hunters accompanying American tourists in the mountains. A cameraman from Bulgaria talks about filming a film about friendship between the Ossetian and Bulgarian peoples. Artists of the State Folk Dance Ensemble "Alan" are preparing for the performance. Spectators in the stands of the stadium in Ordzhonikidze, fragments of the ensemble's performance - Ossetian dance. Mountain river water. Web. Art school students paint in the mountains. Boys sail on a boat along the pond, young mothers with strollers walk along the park path. Swans on the pond. Yellow leaves of trees. Autumn in the mountains, the bus travels along a mountain road. The shepherd drives a flock of sheep along the road, followed by a car. A flock of sheep on the road, below is a mountain river. Types of plowed fields. Tractors are plowing the field. City at the foot of the mountain, fog. G. Ordzhonikidze, parade in honor of the 56th anniversary of the October Revolution - there are festive columns of cadets, young athletes, students, workers. Announcers speak into a microphone in a specially equipped car on the square. The leaders of the republic are on the podium, greeting the demonstrators. Monument to G.K. Ordzhonikidze. Balloons in the sky. Firework. Cable car over a gorge in the mountains. A miner is working in the face. Drawers are working on drawing boards, a panorama of the workshop. Work in the shops of factories of the republic. Students in class in the classrooms of the institutes. Autumn, schoolchildren walk along the path in the park, square pl. - their faces. Mountain landscapes.
V. Grunin
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urban transport
, out-of-school education
, road transport
, architecture
, livestock
, settlements
, population
, mining (extractive) industry
, plant growing
, painting
, music
, collective farms
, villages
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, peoples life
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V. Dzobaev, V. Guluev
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