On Steel Lines 277

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The newsreel consists of four plots. First plot. New in the calculation of car traffic. The plot tells about the information and computing center of the South-Eastern Railway, about the automated calculation of car traffic in the form of DO-17, created together with the transportation service, containing data on average daily, ten-day and monthly car traffic. Second plot. Station for rent. The plot tells about the benefits received by the team of railway workers of the Sverdlovsk Railway, who rented the Kamensk-Uralsky railway station. Station building, marshalling yard. City railway ticket offices. Passengers at the information board, on the platform. Restroom. The hall of the station restaurant. Screening of video films at the station. Railway station hairdresser. Information department employees at work. Third plot. Vibration controls. The plot tells about a method for diagnosing the state of gears of wheel-motor units, developed by scientists of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Railway Transport with the participation of employees of the computing center of the Gorky-Sorting Depot. Fourth plot. The experience of the Vereshchaginites. The plot tells about the cattle-breeding shop at the plant of reinforced concrete structures "Dorstroytrest", which provides the workers of the plant with meat products.
W. Berman
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railroad transport
, applied mathematics
, livestock
, public catering
, cooperative trade
, construction industry
, invention
, rationalization
, cooperation
, professional education (higher)
, consumer services
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E. Pokrovsky, J. Revzin, A. Romanov
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