Order-Bearing Port Nakhodka

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Primorsky Territory, Nakhodka. Sea trade port "Nakhodka". Cargo ships in the port. Sign: "Commercial Port". Portal cranes on the quay. Cargo ship "EVGENIE S.EMBIRICOS" at the berth with coal. The cargo ship "Petropavlovsk" at the berth. Production meeting of the port management in the office. Forklift trucks, loaded with bags, drive along the pier. A group of workers on the dock. The ship "Tobolles" at the pier. Workshop buildings for the repair of loading mechanisms. The depot building, where the prevention of maneuverable diesel locomotives is carried out. The locomotive enters the workshop. Loading and unloading operations in the port. Warehouses. Open areas for cargo. The crane moves on rails. Loading coal onto the ship. A special machine unloading packed bulk cargo from the car is in operation. Loose cargo moves on a conveyor, then falls into a special container. The crane lowers the container with bulk cargo into the hold of the vessel. Loading bags onto a ship. A crane lowers a construction trailer into the hold of a cargo ship. Loading bulk cargo into a wagon. Hero of Socialist Labor Brigadier Mayakov supervises loading operations. Hero of Socialist Labor, crane operator Popova at work. View of the third timber export section of the port at Cape Astafiev. Warehouses for dry lumber. The freight train is moving under a crane. Logs on the pier. Log handling with a cable-bridge crane. Obelisk in honor of awarding the sea trade port "Nakhodka" with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Cargo ships in the bay and at the pier.
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