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A story about the Central Children's Theater. Rehearsals, scenes from the performances "The Little Humpbacked Horse", "My Friend, Kolka" and others. The theater teacher Nadezhda Afanasyevna Litvinovich conducts meetings with the audience, young Nikolai Karachentsev is among the audience. PART ONE. Summer, the Bolshoi Theater, passers-by are walking (filmed from the sides of the Central Children's Theater), in the background is the Maly Theater building. Monument to the playwright A.N. Ostrovsky. Trolleybuses are going, in the background a park in front of the Bolshoi Theater, a fountain in the park. Spectators in the foyer of the Bolshoi Theater. The building of the Central Children's Theater (Sverdlov Square). Schoolchildren are running around in the foyer of the theater. The teacher leads the students into the hall. Pioneer leaders help schoolchildren turn in their clothes. The guys are buying pastries at the buffet. The saleswoman sells behind the counter. The pioneers are looking at the exhibits on display in the foyer of the theater. Theatrical models in the foyer. A fragment from the play "Turnip", the children in the hall are laughing. Fragment from the play "The Little Humpbacked Horse". Fragments from the play "The Snow Queen". A tour of the theater for schoolchildren - young spectators enter the studio of decorators, watch the work of make-up artists. Dressers try on costumes for artists. Artists are working on the creation of theatrical models. Setting up stage decorations. Fragments of rehearsals of different performances. Artists rehearse the dance of horses from the play "The Little Humpbacked Horse". A fragment from the play - the dance of the horses. PART TWO. Young spectators in the hall are laughing. Fragments from the play "My friend Kolka", starring: Kolka - G. Saifulin, Masha Kanareikina - I. Gulaya, A. N. Novikova - L. Chernyshova, V. Novikov - V. Ovanesov. - the faces of schoolchildren in the hall, the guys empathize with the heroes of the play. The assistant director gives the signal, the artists take the stage. Spectators on the balconies, in the hall, are outraged by the injustice that is happening on the stage - Kolka is expelled from the pioneers. Pioneers in the classroom of one of the Moscow schools are discussing the play. Issues of school wall newspapers dedicated to going to the theater. Drawings by schoolchildren dedicated to the performances of the Central Children's Theater. A teacher and students are working on the release of a school magazine. Schoolchildren with bandages on their hands "Active Theater" are walking in the foyer. The writer V.A. Lyubimova talks in the foyer with the pioneers. Writer S. Ya. Marshak in his apartment talks with schoolchildren - theater activists. Playwright V.S. Rozov with schoolchildren - theater activists are present at the rehearsal of his new play. Writer L.A. Kassil and theater director V.S. Kolesaev talk with the pioneers during the intermission. Writer, poet S.V. Mikhalkov reads his new play at the theater. Actors meet with spectators in the theater. Boys and girls in the hall are watching the play, among them is the young Nikolai Karachentsev. Fragments from the performances "How the Steel Was Tempered", "Open Book", "Family". A fragment from the play about modern life "Unequal Battle" - in the role of Lisa - Tatiana Nadezhdina, in the role of Glory - Yuri Komarov. General view of the hall during the performance. The guys are feeding pigeons at the entrance to the theater.
N. Nikitkin
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, out-of-school education
, trade
, literature
, theatre
, educational activities
, rest for children
, cities
, sculpture
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A. Popov
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Author Z. Sazhin, consultant K. Ya. Shakh-Azizov, director N. Nikitkin, composer M. Ziv, sound engineer K. Bek-Nazarov, animation G. Shimanets, editor N. Kaspe, directors B. Lomnovsky, S. Mindich
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