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The first part of the film tells about housing construction on the outskirts of Moscow in the 1960-1970s. and about the attitude of native Muscovites towards him. The movement of vehicles on the ring road. On the eastern Moscow outskirts in Veshnyaki-Vladychina, a complex brigade of the House-Building Plant No. 1 is working on the construction of a large-panel building under the leadership of the Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Vladimir Efimovich Kopelev. He compares (sync.) Houses under construction. In his opinion, apartments in new buildings are getting better every year. On September 1, young new settlers - pioneers, october, first graders with their parents go to a new school. Many flowers, smiling teachers, joyful children. The first grader cuts the red ribbon, the school is open, the students go to class. Outskirts of Moscow. Private houses in the green of gardens, a dog barks, a rooster with a chicken on the hedge. A woman with buckets on a yoke goes to fetch water, a grandmother with her grandchildren draws water from a pump, others, sitting on a bench, talk. The hostess pours the dirty water into a ditch, the women transport the bound chest on a trolley. Wooden houses are decorated with carved platbands. The two-storey log house is supported by log props. Houses on Entuziastov Boulevard, in Atamansky and Uspensky lanes, on Soyuznoy and 4-th avenues, on Klenchachnaya street. A sign with the NDP: "MOSCOW" is being transported to another place, to the outskirts. In the department of accounting and distribution of living space of the district executive committee, native Muscovites refuse (sinhr.) From the proposed housing in new buildings on the outskirts. In addition to the distance from the city center, they are worried about the lack of transport. The area of multi-storey new buildings in the south-west of Moscow, in the distance you can see the temple of the Archangel Michael in Troparev. Lobby of the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. A lot of people have gathered at the bus stop, someone is reading the newspaper. Everyone is waiting for transport. A new supermarket in Lyublino, in the southeast of the capital. A large self-service trading floor, a number of cash registers. Buyers review and select a product. The building of the new department store. Glass showcases with mannequins. Women are resting with their purchases on the street benches. NOTE: Part 2 is missing in RGAKFD.
I. Gelein
Film ID
living space
, service hours
, urban transport
, housing construction
, general education schools
, supreme soviet of the ussr
, complex brigades
, water supply
, station facilities
, district councils
, fondzhiloyplaza
, passenger trains
Number of Parts
A. Sarantsev
Other Creators
screenwriter I. Brainin, composer E. Botyarov
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