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Russia, Moscow. Testing of Meller's snowmobiles on February 2, 1911: the inventor [Y.A.Meller] with a lady get into the snowmobile and leave; the snowmobile is driving along the road, across the field. Russia, Odessa. Ice-bound ships in the Odessa port. A man cleans snow around a sailing boat. On the deck of one of the ships are two men; next to them is a dog. On the dock there are barrels, wires, powdered with snow. Iced anchor on the ship's hull. Spain, Barcelona. The raging sea. Waves crash on the shore. Broken fishing boat on the shore, waves crashing into the boat. People on the shore near the broken boats. Rocky seashore. United States, Jersey City. The consequences of the explosion of a vessel loaded with dynamite: broken port facilities, railway cars, warehouses; a group of workers with shovels, the police are on the railroad tracks. France, Paris. The inventor Gervier tests a parachute of his design: he drops a dummy by parachute from the Eiffel Tower. Spain, Torreblanca. Workers clear the railroad tracks from the wreckage of the crashed fast train. Great Britain, London. King George V and the Queen in a carriage ride with an escort to the opening of Parliament.
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, france
, great britain
, sea transport
, ecological hydr
, natural disasters
, invention
, higher state bodies
, spain
, cities
, railway transport
, disasters
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