Place of Action of the Inspector

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The film introduces the history of the creation of the comedy N.V. Gogol's "The Inspector General", with prototypes of the mayor and inspector, with places related to the events that form the basis of the comedy. Indeed, at the beginning of the 19th century in the town of Ustyuzhna, the Vologda landowner P.G. Volkov (Khlestakov's prototype), posing as an auditor, was received with honors by the mayor Ivan Alekseevich Maksheev (the mayor's prototype). This story reached A.S. Pushkin, and he gave the plot to N.V. Gogol. Vologda region, Ustyuzhna. Streets, residential one and two-storey houses on the banks of the river. Ducks swim in the stream. Wooden bridge over the river. The building of the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The gate of the Kazan Church. Bell tower of the Kazan Church. Interior decoration of one of the churches. The priest in the church. Local residents on the streets of the city. The bus is driving along the highway. Two-storey stone merchant house. The building, which previously housed the hotel, where the Vologda landowner P.G. Volkov. Log dwelling house; carved platbands on the windows. A picturesque portrait of the mayor of Ustyuzhna Ivan Alekseevich Maksheev. Illustrations from the comedy "The Inspector General". House of the mayor I.I. Maksheeva. Interiors of rooms in the house. Pictures, furniture. Picturesque portraits of relatives of the mayor A.A. Arakcheev, his wife, aunt A.N. Zherebtsova. The interior of the study. Picturesque portraits of Ustyuzhna residents living in the early 19th century. G. Leningrad. Library in the study of A.S. Pushkin in the Museum-apartment on the Moika. Bookcases (PNR).
W. Berman
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urban transport
, rural settlements
, christianity
, literature
, museums
, villages
, cities
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J. Revzin
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Consultant Doctor of Philology A.F. Zakharkin, music design by S. Vasilenko, editor M. Netrebina, director V. Webitsky
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