Plus Siberia

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Part 1. "STANISLAV BELOV" About human capabilities, about the athlete Stanislav Belov (visually impaired). S. Belov runs with a coach, is engaged in wushu gymnastics. Competition for marathon runners; awarding of winners (209.0 m). Part 2. "FLIGHT" Children's health camp "Pilot" in the Novosibirsk region. Gliders in the sky, on the take-off field. Pilot, instructor, boys, girls on the plane. Teenagers make training parachute jumps; receive certificates of parachutists. The head of the Department for Youth Affairs Bolotov talks about the profile shift "Starting teenager", the head of the "Tankist" club Alekseev - about his pupil (sync) (218.2 m). Part 3. "GAME". Novosibirsk region. The coach and members of the football team (goalkeeper Sasha Matchenko) from the village of Kochenevo in training, at the match. Father S. Matchenko talks about his son. Novosibirsk Mayor Vladimir Filippovich Gorodetsky and Sergei Mostovoy, Director of the Football Federation, are present at the Fifth Mini-Football Tournament for Children and Adolescents. Presentation of awards, reactions of fans, a player scores a goal (200.1 m). Part 4. "SKI" Young skiers, skiers, snowboarders in training with instructors, ride down the mountains, jump from a springboard, in competitions, on a lift, remove snow. Falling skier, snowboarders. An injured skier is being taken. Rewarding skiers. Coaches talk about difficulties, athletes talk about achievements. A snow-removing tractor (204.6 m) is going by.
I. Tirsky, E. Davletshina, V. Luchkina
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kinds of sports
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I. Tirsky, Vladimir Leontiev, V. Shchitenok, V. Luchkina, S. Zhdanov.
Other Creators
Scriptwriter - Ella Davletshina, sound engineer - Anatoly Antonov, Kirill Grigoriev, assistant operator - Vladimir Chelbaev, consultant - Larisa Volkova, editing director - Sergei Dubovitsky, producer - E. Davletshina.
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