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Armenia. Landscapes of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, valleys. Sunrise and sunset. Blooming meadows, fields, vineyards, orchards. Flowers: poppy, rose. Lake Sevan. Ararat valley. Demonstration dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian USSR. Manufacturing processes in industrial plants. Yerevan Electromechanical Plant. Machine-building plant in the city of Lusavan. Copper smelter in Alaverdy. Factory "Karund". Textile plant in the city of Leninakan. Molybdenum ore mining in the Qajara open pit. Cascade of Sevan-Radzan hydroelectric power plants. Production processes in agriculture. Harvesting fruits, cotton. Livestock farm. Poultry farm. Cheese dairy. Flocks of sheep. Canned fruit production. Manufacturing and bottling of cognac at a winery. Jermuk resort (Jermuk city). Mineral springs. Vacationers. Archaeological excavations on the Karmir-Blur hill (Yerevan). Byurakan Observatory. Scientists at telescopes and other instruments. Academician V. Ambarumyan. Physicists Abram and Artemy Alikhanyan in the laboratory. Biochemist N. Sissakian at work. Surgeon E. Hasratyan at the operation. Extraction of multicolored tuff in a quarry. Stone cutter E. Ghazaryan. Kazaryan's products. Opera singer P. Lisitsian with his family. Singer Zara Dolukhanova. Gohar Gasparyan at a rehearsal, concert (sinhr.). Composer A. Khachaturyan at the piano. Artist M. Saryan at work. Pictures of M. Saryan. Poet R. Hovhannisyan reads poetry (sinhr.). Yerevan city. Day and evening landscapes of the city. Streets, buildings. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Market. Monuments to David Sasunsky, Khachatur Abovsen, Ghukas Ghukasyan, Hovhannes Tamanyan. Residents of Yerevan on a suburban walk. Picnic. Boating. Dancing. Cooking national dishes for the wedding feast. Newlyweds in the registry office. Wedding. A restaurant. Kitchen. Visitors. Maternity hospital building. Women with newborns. Children play and walk in parks and squares. Schoolchildren, students in the classroom. The film uses materials from the Gosfilmofond - fragments of feature films dedicated to the October Revolution of 1917, the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars, the first five-year plans.
V. Aikazyan
Film ID
, the second world war
, energy (hydropower)
, urban transport
, holidays
, automobile transport
, architecture
, distribution of printed publications
, livestock
, festivities
, vegetable world
, mechanical engineering
, mining (extractive) industry
, plant growing
, fiction
, music
, painting
, cities
, leisure
, metallurgy
, textile industry
, spa assistance
, health care
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, academies of science union republics
, biology
, situation of different populations (children)
, school education
, medicine
, archeology
, population (composition
, printing industry
, peoples life
, cinematography
, food industry
, public catering
, private trade (markets)
, entertainment
, astronomy
, professional education
, production of cultural goods
, railway transport
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Г. Асланян, Г. Арамян, И. Дильдарян, А. Crab
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announcer L. Cloud
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