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The film chronicle contains filming of the beginning of construction in the summer of 1970 in the Sverdlovsk region of the power transmission line-500, which began in the village of Revt. 1 box The work of a detachment of Uralelectrosetstroy builders on the installation of power transmission line-500 poles: a bulldozer cleans the territory at the site of the installation of poles, workers warm up by the fire during a break, smoke. General view of garlands of insulators lying on the ground. Installation of one of the transmission line poles using steel cables. General view of a glade in the taiga, where the construction of the power transmission line-500 and operating equipment is underway. The builders put branches under the truck's wheels so that it can get out of the mud, ride in the truck body to the place where the next power line support will be installed .. attach the cables to the metal structures of the support, rest after work. Panorama of the support structures (shot from top to bottom). One of the builders is sawing a tree with a chainsaw. 2 box A panorama from the trees to the power line support, installed with steel cables. The builder reinforces one of the insulators. Bulldozer ChT-3 pulls steel ropes, coils with ropes are unrolled. A worker attaches a string of insulators to a cable. General view of the power transmission line support. Lifting power transmission line supports, with insulators fixed to them, using steel cables. One of the installers at the top of one of the supports monitors the rise of the next power line support, controls the rise with flags, and monitors through binoculars. The builders are fixing the pillars. Lifting a garland of insulators, fixing them on the wires of power lines (removed from the top point). Construction workers attach insulators to traverses. The bulldozer lifts the next power line support with the help of cables. Builders are pulling the rope while working in water and mud. A truck is going by, an installer is welding the power transmission towers. One of the installers descends from the power line support. Installation of power transmission line support in the winter season. The builders hold the ropes on which the insulators are lifted. Strings of insulators on power transmission lines. A high-rise installer attaches insulators to the wires. A bulldozer operator checks the tension in the cables.
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