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City of Moscow, 1943. The commander of the Moscow Military District, Lieutenant General PA Artemyev, takes in his office the commandant of Moscow, Major General Sinilov. The head of the Higher Cavalry Courses, General Mogilevsky, is presenting shoulder straps to the teachers. Presentation of shoulder straps to students of the courses. Parade of students of the Higher Cavalry Courses on the parade ground. Presentation of shoulder straps to the Soviet Army in the anti-aircraft artillery unit. Presentation of epaulettes on the cruiser "Kirov" in Leningrad on March 2, 1943 (opera. B. Sorokin) General view of the camouflaged cruiser "Kirov", included in the artillery defense system of Leningrad, which is docked at the embankment of the Red Fleet on the Neva. Views of the city of Leningrad (filmed from the deck of the cruiser), the frozen Neva and Trinity Bridge. Captain 3rd rank senior artilleryman V.L. Bystrov presents shoulder straps to the commander of the artillery battalion A.M. Brenaisen, Senior Lieutenant Alexei Fedorovich Alexandrovsky. The commander of the cruiser "Kirov" Captain 3rd Rank Sergei Dmitrievich Soloukhin presents epaulettes to the commanders of combat units: Captain 3rd Rank V.L. Bystrov, Lieutenant Commander Vasily Trofimovich Petsenko. The commander of the artillery battalion of the cruiser "Kirov" Lieutenant-Commander A.M. Brenazen presents shoulder straps and shoulder straps to the Red Navy gunners. Red Navy soldier Zaitsev sews shoulder straps to his overcoat in the Red Corner of the cruiser; behind him on the table is a bust of S.M. Kirov. Red Navy man Zakharov sews shoulder straps to a sailor's uniform. Senior Lieutenant Nikolai Gordymov in a tunic with new shoulder straps looks in the mirror. Red Navy men in greatcoats with new shoulder straps stand in the ranks on the deck of the cruiser. SD Soloukhin checks the fit of shoulder straps on overcoats at the Red Navy men.
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the great patriotic war
, professional military education
, navy
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B. Sorokin
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