Pushkin in Moldova

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A film about the life and work of A.S. Pushkin in Moldavia in 1820-1823. Part I Drawings, portraits of statesmen during the reign of Emperor Alexander I and the period of the Patriotic War of 1812 - A.A. Arakcheeva, A.E. Engelhardt, N.M. Karamzin, I. Kapodistrias, K.V. Nesselrode. Documents related to A.S. Pushkin to the south of Russia under the leadership of the chief trustee and chairman of the Board of Trustees for foreign colonists of southern Russia Ivan Nikitich Inzov. Fragments of correspondence with brother Lev Sergeevich Pushkin (letters for May 1820 from Yekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk, since 2016 Dnepr)). Portrait of General Nikolai Nikolaevich Raevsky, with whose family A.S. Pushkin will travel across the Caucasus and Crimea. The historian of Russian literature, Pushkin scholar Boris Alekseevich Trubetskoy tells (sinhr. And behind the scenes) about the work of A.S. Pushkin in the Chisinau period. The surviving house of the merchant Naumov, where the poet stayed in September 1820, is now the house-museum of A.S. Pushkin. The interiors of the rooms of the house-museum. Portraits of the poet's friends and acquaintances: the commander of the 16th Infantry Division, the head of the Chisinau cell of the Southern Society of Decembrists, General M.F. Orlov and his wife Ekaterina Nikolaevna (nee Raevskaya), head of the Southern Society of Decembrists Pavel Ivanovich Pestel, officer-writer Alexander Fomich Veltman, poet and literary critic Peter Alexandrovich Pletnev, closest friend of Chisinau A.S. Pushkin Nikolai Stepanovich Alekseev. House of the Greek Michalache Katsiki in Chisinau (in this house in the 1820s the Chisinau Masonic lodge "Ovidy-25" was located, the members of which were the Decembrists and AS Pushkin). House in Kamenka, Ukraine. Now it is the Kamensk literary and memorial museum of A.S. Pushkin and P.I. Tchaikovsky. Museum exposition. At the Davydovs' estate, the center of the Decembrist movement in southern Ukraine, A.S. Pushkin communicated with the Decembrists. Portraits of one of the organizers and leaders of the Southern Society of Decembrists, Intendant-General of the 2nd Army Alexei Petrovich Yushnevsky and a participant in the Patriotic War of 1812, retired captain Ivan Dmitrievich Yakushkin. Part II Lithograph of the house of the Chisinau chief A.S. Pushkin - the plenipotentiary governor of the Bessarabian region, General I.N. Inzov, where the poet lived from March 1821. The surviving houses visited by A.S. Pushkin: the house of an official for special assignments under the Bessarabian governor T.E. Krupensky with a home theater, the house of a member of the Bessarabian Supreme Council, collegiate assessor E.K. Bartholomew, where balls and evenings were held. Portraits of friends A.S. Pushkin of that time: the leader and participants of the secret society of the Greek national liberation movement - Prince A.K. Ipsilanti and his brothers, Moldovan writers K. Stamati and K. Negruzzi, friends - M.F. Orlova, V.F. Raevsky. Historical places of Bessarabia, which were visited by A.S. Pushkin: Soroka fortress of the 15th century (Moldavia, Soroki), [Bendery] fortress of the 16th century on the right bank of the Dniester, Kaushan Church of the Assumption of the Virgin [XVII century] (Moldavia, Kaushany), Akkerman (from 1944 Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya ) a fortress of the XIII century (Ukraine, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky), Kagulsky field (the site of the Battle of Cahul on July 21, 1770 in the Russian-Turkish war). Estate of the Rally family in the village. Pushkino (present-day Dolna), where A.S. Pushkin, now it is a house-museum. In memory of A.S. Pushkin in Moldova, books are published, days of Soviet literature are held, to the monument to the poet in the park named after Pushkin (modern park named after Stephen the Great) bring flowers. In with. Dolna, lovers of poetry and literature come to the Pushkin holiday, lay flowers at the monument to A.S. Pushkin. The story about the poet is accompanied by illustrations by the artists I.T. Bogdesko, B.I. Lebedev, K.A. Klementyeva to the poet's works, portraits of his acquaintances and friends, drawings and paintings depicting the life of A.S. Pushkin in Moldova, interiors of museums in Chisinau, St. Petersburg, p. Dolna. Newsreels, [1976 - early 1980s], Chisinau: a delegation [of writers] lays flowers at the monument to A.S. Pushkin in the park of the same name.
A. Codru
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V. Churya, O. Diordienko
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scriptwriters A. Codru, B. Trubetskoy, editor N. Stoyanov, sound engineer A. Olar, director T. Galbur
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