Red Army Maneuvers

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A film about the combined-arms field exercises of the Red Army. Part 1 Field exercises of the Red Army in the countryside. Infantrymen are trained in firing from small-caliber guns, rifles, and the Maxim machine gun. Signalers establish a telephone connection. The cavalry ford the river. In the forest there are camouflaged cars under protection. The commander writes a report, which is sent to headquarters by pigeon mail. A flamethrower is shooting, an armored car is passing by. Children, imitating adults, shoot from a wooden machine gun. The Red Army men lined up on the square in front of the Vitebsk railway station in Leningrad. They are greeted from the rostrum: Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR and Deputy People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs Iosif Stanislavovich Unshlikht, Assistant Commander of the Moscow Military District Ivan Panfilovich Belov, Second Deputy Chairman of the OGPU Genrikh Grigorievich Yagoda and others. Soldiers write letters; read; sing and dance to the accordion. A brass band plays in the village, children clap their hands, dance with the soldiers. Horse artillery, aviation and cavalry under the leadership of commanders on maneuvers in the countryside. (247.6 m) Part 2 Infantrymen attack. The gunners are firing from a large-caliber gun. The headquarters of the regiment in the village hut, the commanders leave it. Assistant Commander of the Moscow Military District I.P. Belov on horseback. Crossing to the left bank of the river. Moscow under the cover of a smoke screen on a floating bridge. Cavalrymen and a tank "Russian Renault" ford the river. The commanders are with binoculars. The Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR and the Deputy People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs I.S. Unshlikht, assistant to the commander of the troops of the Moscow military district I.P. Belov and other commanders. After the exercises, the soldiers dine at the field kitchen in the forest, someone dances to the accordion, surrounded by comrades. Cavalry patrol at the edge of the forest. Disguised artillery piece. Signalers are working. Newsreel footage, 1918-1925 .: - People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs, Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR Kliment Efremovich Voroshilov works in his office. - 1925: A detachment of cavalrymen is walking along the village street. Near the house there are billboards with banners and soldiers' newspapers: "ARMOR ON MANEUVERS No. 16" dated September 6, 1925, "AT HIKING No. 15" September 1925 - Red Army soldiers on vacation: eating from kettles; read newspapers; a military brass band is playing, women and children are gathered around. Military musicians with instruments in their hands, taking off their boots, wade across the river. Red Army soldiers with carts are crossing the river. The gunners are shooting. Cavalrymen deliver a report to the commander. (260.7 m) 3rd unit Field exercises of the Red Army continue. The peasants are watching the military maneuvers. The commander shows the infantrymen the barbed wire, destroyed by artillery fire. Mobile radio station "Soldier Motor" in the field. Two Red Army soldiers pedal a bicycle generator to power the radio station. Thanks to this, the commander speaks on the field phone in the tent, the radio operator records the report with headphones. The exercise is over. Red Army men are marching along the city street. A brass band is walking ahead. Military musicians play and sing in the street for the military and local residents. Soldiers in the field are mowing the grass. Newsreel footage, 1918-1925 .: - Participants of the maneuvers lined up in the field, in front of the commanders on horseback. Banner at the house in the village: "HAIL OUR INVINCIBLE RED ARMY!" Red Army men surrounded by peasants. Smiling faces of children. (250.7 m)
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