Remember the Hungry People

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THE FIRST PART "a" "REMEMBER ABOUT THE FASTING! EDITION P / DTD. SOCIAL CHRONICLE OF VFKO OF THE CHIEF OF POLITICAL PROSVETA "." A SCARY DISASTER - HUNGER HAVE HAPPENED A GREAT REGION OF THE VOLGA REGION. THE DROUGHT DRYED THE EARTH, BURNED OUT SPRING BREAD ". The land cracked from drought. Dried plants in the field." SPECIAL COMMISSION V.TS.I.K. ONLY THAT HAS TRAVELED THE STUNNING GUUBERNIA TO FIND OUT THE SIZE OF THE DISASTER AND THE NECESSARY MEASURES ". The steamer is sailing along the Volga river. In the steamer's cabin, at a large table, are the members of the V.TS.I.K. commission chaired by TOV Belkin." BELKIN ". Belkin at the table." FOR 70 DAYS THE COMMISSION INSPECTED THE PROVINCES: SAMARA, SARATOV, SIMBIR AND UFIMSK, CHUVASH AND MARIISK REGIONS, TATAR AND BASHTURSHKIRSKY REGION. COMMISSIONS ON A STEAMER: INTERVIEW OF PEASANT REPRESENTATIVES ". Session of the commission. Members of the commission talk with the peasant." AT THIS MEETING THE COMMISSION DRAFTED THE FOLLOWING APPEAL TO THE LABOR PEASANTRY. "COMMANDERS! THE WORKER IS THE PEASANT STATE YOU DID NOT FORGET YOU, RESPONDED TO YOUR DISASTER AND IS READY TO DO EVERYTHING IN THE FORCES TO HELP YOU. peasant children are running by car. "WHAT THE MEMBERS OF THE COMMISSION SEE EXCEEDED ANY EXPECTATIONS." [locust]. A member of the commission extracts pests from the soil. Belkin holds the pests in his palm. "HARVESTING WAS PRODUCED IN A COMPLETELY UNSEEN WAY". The peasants pull ripe ears out of the ground. The peasant carries the harvested ears. The harvested ears are harvested. The harvested ears are harvested. The harvested ears are harvested. on the field. The members of the commission are talking with the peasants in the field about a heap of harvested grain. with the peasants. The commission examines the meager harvest gathered by the peasants, talks with them. "IN THIS FLIGHT, THE PEASAN TAKES FROM THE FIELD ALL THE GOLDEN IMUROZA". The peasant carries the spikelets he has collected in a cart. Arba is moving near economic buildings. "AND IN THIS SMALL ROOM EVERYTHING, STILL UNMILLED, RYE OF FOUR TEN PURCHASES". The commission examines the harvested ears of rye. Belkin examines the grain. Threshing grain using horse traction. The members of the commission oversee the threshing. "THIS YEAR'S HARVEST: HARVESTING THE SWAN". The peasants are gathering the quinoa. The peasant women are holding the harvested swan in their hands. The members of the commission are talking with the peasant women. "OVER SIX MILLION HUNGRY CHILDREN EAT EVERYTHING THAT COMES UNDER THE HAND: HORSE SORREL, LINDEN AND TERRED LEAVES, EVERYTHING, WEEDS, GRASSVES FLOUR, IF THERE IS STILL. "The peasants gather the quinoa. "A LONG, HUGE WINTER IS STILL AHEAD, AND ALREADY THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY OUT OF STRENGTH, SWEET WITH HUNGER." The legs of a peasant, swollen from hunger. Swollen from hunger, two old men pass, supporting each other. Hungry old men and children sit on the logs. The members of the commission are approaching the peasants sitting on the logs. An emaciated child sits near the swollen legs of a peasant woman. "AND IN THE INSANE HORROR THE PEASANTS RUN, RUN WHERE THE EYES LOOK, THROWING THE DESERTED VILLAGES." The members of the commission are standing near a cart pulled by a camel. A peasant's belongings lies on the cart. The peasant wagon train is moving along the road. A boarded-up peasant house. Members of the commission inspect the house abandoned by the peasants. "BUT EVICTION DOESN'T SAVE FROM THE PORTS OF HUNGER. AND IN ORDER TO FOOD, THE REFUGEES GATHER THE WHEES REMAINING IN THE FIELDS." Refugees come up to the cart with belongings. The peasants are laying out the collected spikelets. Women collect spikelets. Threshing spikelets. "EPIDEMICS RUN AMONG EXHAUSTED PEOPLE AND CHOLERA MOWS THOUSANDS OF LIVES." A member of the commission talks with a peasant woman - refugee. A woman is lying on the ground. A family of refugees is sitting on the ground. Refugees stand near a cart with belongings; a member of the commission is standing nearby. "THOUSANDS OF HOMELESS AND HUNGRY PEOPLE ARE HUNDRED EVERYWHERE AT THE WATCHES AND RAILWAY STATIONS, AND NEW HUMAN WAVES MOVE AFTER THEM." A family of refugees near the hut. Refugee women prepare food. Refugees sit in tents. "IN THESE CAMPS LIVE FOR A MONTH AND MORE: IN THEM MORTALITY GROWS AND HUNGER INCREASES EVERY DAY." Refugee camp. A woman lies on the ground, a child sits beside her. Members of the commission are in the camp, talking with refugees. Women prepare food. "DISASTER IS GREAT. MILLIONS OF STUNNING CHILDREN, WOMEN, OLD MEN ARE CALLING FOR YOU. COME TO HELP THEM. TIME CAN'T END". Refugee camp. A woman is lying on the ground, next to her is a nursing child. "HORSE HORSES ARE FALLING." AND THEN PEOPLE HELP INTO DIY CARTRIDGES AND RUN FURTHER, SAVING FROM THE CRAWLING THREAT OF DEATH. "Refugee camp. Refugees carry their children and belongings on carts. FIRST PART "b" "ASAP TO HELP THE STUNNING: THE SOVIET POWER ORGANIZES AID, BUT WITHOUT THE POPULATION'S INDEPENDENCE I CANNOT AVOID THE PUBLIC DISASTER" , COLLECT 14,000,000 POUD FOR THE OSCE TO CHANGE FIELDS. " carriages of the Zvezda train. Movers carry sacks of grain; Loaders take sacks from a wagon and carry them to train cars. Weighing bags of grain. Loading bags onto a cart. Movers carry sacks of grain to the train carriages. Movers are pouring grain into sacks near the train carriage. Sacks of grain. "FIELDS WILL BE SOWED, BUT THIS IS JUST THE START OF THE FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER, - BOTTOM HARVEST IS STILL AREA: FEEDING THE HUNGRY PEOPLE." "DISTRIBUTION OF FREE LUNCHES TO REFUGEES near the field kitchen." Refugees take dishes with food. "A PLANNED RESETTLEMENT TO SIBERIA ITURKESTAN IS ORGANIZED. Refugee carriage is on the way." Children stand near the entrance to the collection point building. Children enter the building. "ARRIVAL IN SMOLENSK OF A SANITARY TRAIN BRINGING 400 CHILDREN FROM SARATOV." The carriage of an ambulance train, children are watching from the window. On the carriage is the emblem of the Red Cross Society: "EXHAUSTED CHILDREN FROM Pokrovsky Uyezd, Saratov Province". Children stand near the carriage and on the steps of the train carriage. An emaciated thin child stands in front of a nurse. The nurse supports the weakened child. "DON'T FORGET THESE WEARED FACES, THESE WASTE CHILDREN'S HANDS! LET IT BE YOUR NIGHTMARE UNLESS YOU DO YOUR DUTY BEFORE THE STUNNING." WHICH WOULD NOT INSERT ITS SIGNIFICANT IN THE CASE OF HELPING THE STUNNING! CARRY WHO WHAT CAN ... LABOR, PRODUCTS, MONEY ". PART SECOND "REMEMBER ABOUT THE FASTING! PUBLICATION OF THE P / DEPARTMENT OF THE SOCIAL CHRONICLE OF V.F.K.O. HELP HANDING HUNGRY RUSSIA "." FRITIOF NANSEN, ARRIVING IN RUSSIA AS AUTHORIZED BY THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS, IS LEAVING THE AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION ... ". There is a sign on the door that read: "American Aid Administration. Russian Section." F. Nansen sits in the car. "CHILDREN'S COLLECTOR NAMED AFTER THE FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION IN SAMARA, FEEDING 15,000 CHILDREN CURRENTLY". Children stand near the building. "THE STRAW FROM THE ROOFS HAS DISAPPEARED, BUT IT'S NOT GOING FOR FOOD ..." View of an abandoned village. Houses without roofs; the streets are deserted. There are carts dusted with snow in Okolodomov. "IT IS PUSHED IN CLAY MORTARS TOGETHER WITH DRY LEAVES, AND BREAD FROM THIS" FLOUR "BREAD: THIS IS THE ONLY FOOD OF THE HUNGRY." A peasant pounds straw in a mortar; nearby F. Nansen examines the "flour" from the straw. The representative of the "ARA" tastes the bread baked from this "flour." "NANSEN IN ONE OF THE VILLAGES OF THE SARATOV PROVINCE IS INSPECTING THE BABY FOOD TABLE ORGANIZED ARA." Peasants, peasant children follow them. Children, women stand in line near the canteen. The children are sitting on the steps of the dining room porch. F. Nansen tries food from one of the boys. People queue up outside the cafeteria. ARA representatives talk with children. F. Nansen talks to people. Women with children in their arms stand in line at the dining room. A boy carries a Bowler hat. "IN THE STUNNING COMMUNE OF GERMANS OF THE VOLGA: NEAR MARKSSTAT, RESIDENTS COLLECT SPINS FOR THE WINTER GOING TO FOOD FOR CATTLE AND PEOPLE." The peasant puts the thorns in the cart. "HORSES ARE ALMOST NOT REMAINING, AND THE DELIVERY OF THE PROVIANT TO THE STUNNING PLACES IS PRODUCED BY CAMELS." children are sitting in a sleigh. A wagon train of peasant families on a sleigh rides along a winter road. A man drives a camel. "BUT FOR MANY FOUNDED, FINALLY, WARM BLOOD AND FOOD LATE: DIED OF HUNGER." OUTSTANDERS: NO FUMES ARE BARNED OUT, NOT A SMOKE ... ". Rural house with boarded up windows. F. Nansen and his entourage leave the house. Mill. The square in front of the church building and the bell tower. Deserted trade buildings. A group of children stands in front of the children's reception building. "SELECTED ON BAZARS AND STREETS, HAVE TRAVELED FROM THE VILLAGE TO THE CITY, EXTENDED, FROZEN AND FROZEN CHILDREN". A group of children near the reception. Children enter the reception building. From the reception yard, a sleigh with children is leaving. Naked, hungry children stand in the reception room. TIFA ". A funeral procession with a priest at the head passes through the gate. The body of a deceased person is in a coffin." MORTALITY IS INCREDIBLE AND DOES NOT HAPPEN TO KEEP THE DEAD FROM HUNGER: A CEMETERY IN A SMALL REGIONAL CITY, frozen ground. The bodies of deceased children. Lots of corpse people. "DON'T LET YOU TURN INTO A CONTINUOUS CEMETERY." Crosses on graves. The bodies of dead people lie in the snow.
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