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The film is dedicated to the V All-Union Congress of Soviets. Moscow city. Meeting of the Congress. Presidium, meeting room. On the podium: I. V. Stalin, K. E. Voroshilov, M. I. Kalinin, V. V. Kuibyshev. KE Voroshilov speaking. Newsreel: aircraft, warships, artillery of the armed forces of foreign countries. Classes in the circles of OSOAVIAKHIM (Society for the Promotion of Defense and Aviation-Chemical Construction): studying the device of a rifle, a gas mask, classes of sandworms. Rallies at industrial enterprises dedicated to the conclusion of agreements on socialist competition. Construction of industrial enterprises. MM Litvinov speaks at the Krasny Putilovets plant. Signing of an agreement on the early implementation of the Kellogg Pact in Moscow. There are representatives of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania. Harvesting of tobacco, cotton, grapes. Extraction of cement. Cement factory. Extraction of salt, oil. The movement of a caravan of camels, reindeer teams. The rural population of the USSR of different sexes, nationalities. Plowing a field with a plow, threshing rye with flails. The movement of trains, snowmobiles, cars. Volkhovskaya, Transcaucasian, Karelian hydroelectric power plants. Power plants in different regions of the Soviet Union. Electrification of settlements. Comfortable city apartments. Cooking in a public dining room. Lunch at the field camp. Amateur performances. Types of aul, kishlak, village. Types of streets, buildings, industrial enterprises in Moscow, Leningrad. Transport, pedestrian traffic. The trial in the Shakhty case. Construction of Turksib, Dneproges. Loading and unloading operations in ports. Harvesting on collective farms. Believers of different denominations at prayer. Dance of the shaman. Medical examination of the population in Buryatia. Reconstruction of the church into a club. Types of clubs and houses of culture. Schoolchildren in the classroom. Young people are engaged in gyms. Ussuri taiga. Fauna of the taiga. Cotton ginning plant in Kokand.
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urban transport
, nature
, automobile transport
, international connections
, religion
, population
, plant growing
, energy
, voluntary societies
, political propaganda
, rural settlements
, repression
, everyday life
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, armed forces
, court
, pack transport
, construction industry
, railway transport
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