Return of the Wanderer

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The film tells about the artistic director of the Moscow equestrian theater "Stuntman", the representative of the dynasty of circus riders Kantemirovs Mukhtarbek Kantemirov. The film includes the following footage: First part. The building of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, a sculpture depicting People's Artist of the USSR YV Nikulin at the car, passers-by, kiosks, a pedestrian crossing. Vladikavkaz, the grave of the USSR people's artist of the circus rider I.A.Kantemirov on the Walk of Fame, the grave of the artist-philosopher Y.A. Dzantiev. A lake overgrown with duckweed in the forest. M. Kantemirov works in his workshop, walks the dog, trains in the yard. Moscow Hippodrome, performances of the equestrian theater "Kaskader" performers, spectators eat at tables on the podium, among them - State Duma deputy G.N. Seleznev. Fragments of the performance of stuntmen at the arena of the hippodrome. The second part of. Spectators on the podium of the Moscow Hippodrome, waiters serve the tables. Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation S.V. Yastrzhembsky at a table on the podium. M. Kantemirov on horseback goes through the arena of the hippodrome. North Ossetia, M. Kantemirov and director of the equestrian club "Algus" A. Gusov on horseback galloping across the field, walking along the street of the village, handing over the icon of St. George to the minister of the ancient church. A. Gusov is engaged in the gym. Vladikavkaz, the guys in the classroom at the equestrian club "Algus". Equestrian sports festival in Vladikavkaz, stuntmen are performing, spectators at the fence, among them is the head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania T.D. Mamsurov.
B. Kantemirov
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public leisure and recreation facilities
, out-of-school education
, holidays
, the circus
, festivities
, christianity
, theatre
, stage
, horseback riding
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, cities
, sculpture
, peoples life
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G. Гаврилов
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Scriptwriter G. Nemchenko
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